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Web development with .NET

.NET – the platform for building any software of any complexity level







Pros for selecting the .NET platform for your software development:

  • Language independence. In the .NET environment, all programs, no matter what language they are written in, are compiled into a Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). 
  • Libraries. The Nuget Manager, the tool used for working with libraries,  helps significantly simplify library integration. A fair amount of libraries are readily available for various projects.
  • Code security. The .NET environment provides security at the code level; strong typing of the intermediate language allows the .NET environment to define security policies before running.
  • Object-oriented programming. The .Net Framework and C# were originally based entirely on object-oriented principles.
  • Built-in support of web services. The .NET environment has built-in support and creation of web services, as well as integrated support for dynamic web pages using new ASP.NET technologies.
  • Efficient access to data. A set of .NET components, collectively known as ADO.NET, provides efficient access to relational databases and a wide variety of other data sources. There are also components that provide access to the file system and directories.
  • Visual Studio. .NET comes with Visual Studio, which handles the .NET languages well, integrating all the best features of the respective language-specific features.

Our professional .NET engineers have extensive experience in implementing top-quality projects across various domains. We are adept at meeting our clients’ expectations, delivering fast, stable, and flexible software solutions.


Our .NET development services include:

  • Custom web application development

Enginerasoft expertise in the field of custom web applications includes the development of systems of any technical and or business complexity. At the same time, our software is quite user friendly. Our company provides its clients with a full development cycle that includes the collection of project requirements, business analysis, design, a development stage, various integrations with third-party resources, implementation, testing, and  post-delivery maintenance.

  • .NET MVP development 

We have rich knowledge on the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP); this is one of our key areas of business. MVP will give you the opportunity to bring your product to the market faster and analyze the demand of the target audience without investing huge amounts of money. Also, with the help of a beta version of the product, you can get approval from investors in allocating a larger budget for product development. In each of these areas we have extensive experience which we are happy to share with you.

  • Web application migration to .NET platform

We are often approached by clients who use outdated technologies in their work. For example, we can receive a request to transfer a desktop application onto the web and develop it using .NET technologies. Our team of experienced developers makes this process smooth and fast without losing any sensitive company data. In addition to software migration services, we can improve the performance and navigation of an application.

  • Back-end development services for mobile applications

A powerful platform such as .NET also provides extensive opportunities for creating a scalable back-end for mobile applications. These back-ends can be effortlessly integrated with third-party software. Azure Mobile Service is of great help here. This service was designed specifically for mobile developers. Azure Mobile Service is a cloud backend and integrated authentication for services from Microsoft, Google, and more.

  • Team augmentation

Our company has a sufficient number of highly skilled and experienced .NET specialists. At your request, we can expand your team as the project requires. We can also offer cooperation models such as Dedicated Team, where you have full control over the development process and are maximally involved in the team’s work processes. And more importantly, this model implies absolute transparency and your own financial control.

Please be advised that every staff member:

● Has 5+ years of experience on average

● Speaks English

● Is able to adapt to your processes

● Is not a stranger to Jira, Trello, Toggl, or other industry-standard tools.

  • API development and integration

Integration using API is the most secure and efficient way to tie different software systems together. For the last couple of years, we’ve successfully integrated dozens of different subsystems, as well as developed APIs for their own-developed systems. We can guarantee that everything we integrate will run smoothly.

  • Consulting 

We can consult with you completely free of charge regarding the creation of your application on .NET. We will help you choose the most optimal technical solution for your business. Based on your requirements, our specialists will prepare a detailed estimate for your project. The estimate will include the cost of development as well as a list of work required to successfully deliver the product. Feel free to contact us—we will be happy to help.

  • Post-delivery maintenance

We do not stop working with our clients after the product delivery. As a rule, at this stage we conclude an agreement on the provision of support services, which includes eliminating any defects with further product evolution.

Advantages of Enginerasoft as a .NET software provider:

  • Following best industry practices, we create and maintain productive solutions in line with the latest trends in .NET software development.
  • We know exactly how to work with companies of any business size: startups, mid-sized organizations, and enterprises. 
  • Our engineers have 10 years of commercial experience with custom .NET software development. Our team of highly qualified specialists is able to establish rapport with customers and implement projects that fully comply with technical and business requirements that are delivered on time.
  • Our large .NET portfolio includes web applications for various business purposes. Within, you will find monitoring systems, management dashboards, user web portalse-learning web applications, and more.

Some of our success stories in .NET development include: