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In-Vehicle Payment Solution Development


E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Automotive Manufacturing, Convenience Stores, Fleet, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Order Ahead


Android: MVP, MVVM, Realm, Java, Retrofit+RxJava, iOS: MVP, MVVM, Realm, mapKit, Swift Back-end: .NET, C#, MSSQL.


The customer is a company that provides secure cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions.


We have already developed a mobile app (iOS and Android native versions) which enables secure cloud-based payments for fuel and other goods at gas stations. The customer came to us with an idea to develop an in-vehicle payment solution that would be connected to the mobile app.


During the development process, our team faced some integration challenges, as a variety of in-vehicle systems have significant differences in how data is collected and processed.

Our extensive experience in building complex backend solutions guided us in developing a proper API that interacts with the hardware of the connected vehicle.

Using the Xevo platform, our engineers implemented an in-dash payment function. Xevo is an intelligent in-vehicle infotainment and commerce platform. With the aid of this platform, it became possible to translate software features to automotive electronics both smoothly and without bugs. 

In order to pay for fuel, a user only needs to make a choice on the touch screen of the car. Then the system will generate a three-digit code that allows the activation of a certain pump for refueling. After, the system debits a specific amount according to the payment method that the user has selected. 

Thanks to this payment method, users do not need to swipe a bankcard or utilize a mobile device. Moreover, users receive an automatic accumulation of special fuel rewards without using a physical loyalty card; plus, they get additional discounts.


Our team did a brilliant job, and now the customer has an even more diversified offering to their users concerning payment for fuel at gas stations.

The customer is absolutely satisfied with the results and we continue our fruitful cooperation. The project team is constantly growing and has increased from 2 specialists to 50 within 5 years.