White-label Mobile App Development and Customization

The use of white-label software products is a common business practice in many industries when certain software is created and sold by one organization to another organization, which then uses it under its own name and branding. The final version of a product appears on the target market as if it were completely manufactured by the buyer.

Enginerasoft delivers high-quality white-label mobile app development and customization services. We understand how using this software solution can help bring your business to the next level.

Mobile application development from scratch for each client can be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, you may want to consider white-label app development for your IT strategy. Plus, it can bring a range of benefits:

  • Stable software which has been already tested for bugs, inaccuracies, and has constant smooth-running support; 
  • Each of our clients get software with the possibility to apply their own branding, add more specific functions, and fulfill integration with third-party systems for a shorter period of time and at a reasonable price; 
  • Diversification of services and increased sales of software products;
  • Technologies realization without extra costs for promotion;
  • The opportunity to reach new audiences;
  • The opportunity to focus more on company growth and clients, marketing strategies, company scaling, security measures, and more.

Our white-label applications can be customized to meet the needs of any business direction:




Convenience stores

Delivery services

Home services

Parking communities

Taxi businesses

Benefits you get when developing your white-label mobile app with Enginerasoft:

  • Industry expertise. Our company has been moving in this direction since 2015 and has accumulated extensive knowledge while honing our skills in white-label software development.
  • Strong mobile team. We have a mobile team specializing in native Android and iOS app development. The commercial project experience of our engineers ranges from 5 to 10 years.
  • Stable software. Our projects are superbly implemented from a technical point of view and have brought commercial success to our clients. One of these stories is described here.


White-label mobile applications development and customization business approach at Enginerasoft

What do we mean by “white-label mobile applications development and customization services?” 

Let’s say you come to us with an idea to develop a mobile application. And you want the ability to customize it afterwards according to the needs of your customers or partners from various business domains.

Initially, we study the tasks and goals of the future app while analyzing the market and competitors. An important step here is the formation of technical and business requirements. You describe the core functionality, general vision of the product, the principles and mechanics of its work, and based on this complete data we form an MVP—Minimum Viable Product

Entering the development stage, we now have detailed technical documentation, application wireframes, and a design concept. Upon completion of the MVP development, you get a fully functioning white-label product that you can promote in your target market and can customize it toward any use for your customers / partners.

Within the framework of customization services for a white-label mobile application, Enginerasoft performs such tasks as the development of additional functionality, integration with third-party resources, implementation of end-customer personal design, and more. So, we can deliver numerous versions of your product by introducing new functionality and branding.

Our company has rich experience in white-label mobile apps development and customization services; we have been flourishing with this business approach for 7 years on the market. Our skilled team has developed and customized a great number of native mobile apps for companies from the Global Fortune 500 list. Thanks to our accumulated experience in various domain areas: Banking & Fintech, E-commerce, VSaaS, Logistics, Delivery, and more, we are able to offer our customers high-tech white-label mobile solutions that successfully compete in the target market.

FAQs Section

How quickly can you start our project? 

Enginerasoft has enough resources to start your project as soon as possible. We have an abundance of mobile resources. Our well-organized application development process allows us to speedily kick off projects. 

What technologies do you use for creating mobile white-label software?

When developing mobile software we strongly adhere to the native mobile approach (native iOS and Android apps). Our preferred back-end technologies are .NET and Node.js. As for database preferences: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, Cosmos DB. 

Will I have complete ownership of the white-label software after delivery?

We will begin cooperation with you by signing an NDA to guarantee complete confidentiality. Also, upon completion of development, we transfer your intellectual property rights and technical documentation as well as design and source code files.


Our success story in white-label mobile app development

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