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Professional Tech Services for Logistics

We specialize in integrating advanced technology in logistics, enabling our customers to focus on their core business while we digitize their workflow. Our track record includes successfully assisting numerous logistics companies in achieving stable growth.

Software Solutions for Logistics Business

Enginerasoft has revolutionized logistics with cutting-edge software solutions, empowering 3PL, warehouses, transportation, and more.

Software Solutions for Other Domains

We possess extensive expertise in diverse industries, spanning Banking & Fintech, E-commerce, Start-ups, and beyond.

Our Solutions

Minimum Viable Product Development

We can asssist you in developing a comprehensive and full-fledged prouct that stays within your MVP budget.

White-label Software

We can develop unified solutions that are customizable for all your clients, regardless of their specific domain areas.

Mobile Apps Development

Our mobile team delivers exceptional user experience with cutting-edge features for Android and iOS devices.

Web Portal Development

We provide convenient display of large graphs and tables not only desktop computers but also on tablets and mobile devices.

Customers Success Stories

Custom CRM Development
During our collaboration, the Enginerasoft team was able to create a professional tool that provides convenient management and accounting for a variety of fish containers for rent while automating the workflow connected with calculations and invoice creation.
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Streamlining Fish Auctions Data through Integration with Customer CRM System
The client presented us with the challenge of integrating their web-based financial system with the Norwegian fish auction houses, namely NRS and RSF. The goal of this integration is to streamline the data collection process from the auction house systems and convert it into transactions.
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Home Audio App Development
The client came to us with an outdated mobile app that controls home audio systems. The app was plagued by over 200 bugs and had limited functionality making it difficult to use. Our task was to revive the app by enhancing it with essential features and ensuring stability for seamless operation.
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Fitness App Development
We successfully delivered a high-quality fitness app that met all of our client's requirements. Our team's dedication to excellence and attention to detail allowed us to create a user-friendly and efficient application that exceeded expectations. The positive feedback we received from our client validates our hard work and commitment to providing top-notch services.
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Custom Loyalty System for E-commerce Business
Our team of experienced developers utilized the latest technologies and programming languages to design and implement a loyalty system that met the client's specific requirements. The system was designed to offer rich functionality, flexibility, and stable performance, ensuring a seamless experience for both businesses and their customers.
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Data Backup for a Logistics Project
Within the framework of the project, we were also involved in building data backup functionality, as this is extremely important for the proper work of any service. Errors can happen and they can lead to a database crash. But using backups allows the restoration of essential business data and continuing stable system operations.
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Our clients

We successfully developed a multifunctional e-learning platform that has managed to attract 520,000 registered students.

Thanks to our collaboration, the customer's online presence has experienced a substantial boost, resulting in the attraction of new customers.

Our team developed an e-commerce live chat solution that significantly enhanced the response speed and productivity of sales and support managers by 50%.

We have successfully developed an innovative cloud-based document management platform that helps reduce associated company expenses by 20%.

We developed a customer relationship management (CRM) platform specifically designed to optimize daily working routines and save up to 150 hours per year per employee.

We significantly improved the functionality of their e-learning site, enabling the customer to attract new students more effectively.

Our specialists have implemented substantial enhancements to the navigation of the customer's marketplace, leading to a significantly improved user experience.

The customer was provided with a convenient management tool that offers a shared workspace for software developers to collaborate more effectively.

By leveraging our mobile application specifically designed for home audio control, the client experienced a 30% boost in sales of their audio equipment.

What our clients have to say

CarterHead of Customer Implementation
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“My team has had a long-lasting relationship with Enginerasoft, who have helped us augment our technology teams to deliver very high-quality and very feature-rich mobile and web applications to our clients. The Enginerasoft team has seamlessly integrated with our in-house development and QA teams. They bring extensive technical knowledge as well as product product knowledge and they also have a really dedicated work ethik.”
FrankFounder at Xlns Technologies
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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Enginerasoft in a couple of different projects. One project was initiated as a way to scale our software engineering team. Enginerasoft was able to provide developers with the required technical skills and experience. They became a great contributor to our software design discussions as well as helped deliver the project sooner and with more features than would have been possible without them.”
AliceHead of Engineering at P3chat
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“We have been collaborating with Enginerasoft for more than two years. Choosing the right software provider was a priority for us, as we were looking for a trustworthy partner who we could share sensitive project data with and develop our ecommerce live chat. Enginerasoft met these specific requirements and was able to launch our MVP product under a tight schedule. As a result, we were able to collect and analyze our target market more rapidly, which facilitated further refinement of our e-commerce platform. We are quite pleased with the results of our collaboration with Enginerasoft and wish them new, interesting, and larger projects ahead.”
AndrewCTO of the Coursmos Project
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“We have had long and fruitful cooperation with Enginerasoft which resulted in the creation of our e-learning platform. Thanks to the efforts of the company, we received a high-quality custom product that fully covered the needs of our target audience, particularly tutors and students. This gave us a big push to grow and develop further in the field of online learning. We wish Enginerasoft prosperity and more loyal customers.”

Our Managers

“I use my knowledge of consumer behavior and market trends to implement effective marketing plans that align with company goals"

Maria Tsilina
Marketing Executive

“I have extensive experience in custom software development, totalling 15 years, assisting logistics companies develop and implement cloud-based solutions.”

Alex Goroshko
Founder, CEO

“Having extensive experience in logistics, I possess the expertise needed to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes.”

Hanna Lukerina
Director of Business Development

With Enginerasoft you get

Free professional consultancy and project estimate:

  • Upon receiving your request, we will promptly schedule a call for the following day.

  • To ensure comprehensive understanding of your project requirements, we make sure that the appropriate technical specialists are present on the call.

  • After the initial call, our team will dedicate three (3) days for preparing a comprehensive technical and commercial assessment of your project.

  • Once the assessment is complete, we will arrange another call to present our technical solution with all project milestones, technical stack, and any other essential project information.

Stable software:

  • Every developed feature undergoes testing in three environments: development, testing, and production, ensuring thorough evaluation and stability.

  • Developers write automated tests that run at five-minute intervals to continuously monitor and maintain software stability.

  • Our software strictly adheres to GDPR regulations. Our GDPR officer actively oversees the entire development process, ensuring compliance and safeguarding user data.

  • We employ professional data backup procedures to prevent any loss of client information, prioritizing the security and integrity of your data.

Project management:

  • We provide you with access to a dedicated web page where you can track the complete progress of the project.

  • We follow the Scrum methodology for our project management process.

  • Every two weeks, we will send an updated version of your product.

  • Additionally, every two weeks, you will have the opportunity to participate in a presentation showcasing the progress made, or alternatively, you will receive a video recording of the presentation.

Industry expertise:

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in the logistics industry, allowing us to deeply understand its intricacies.

  • Our team of specialists leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies to enhance our solutions.

  • We have successfully developed and implemented highly scalable systems capable of handling hundreds of millions of transactions.

  • Our expertise extends to delivering professional web platforms and mobile applications for both iOS and Android, ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Frequently asked questions

We use technologies provided by leading global IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc., which offer superior levels of data security. Furthermore, we can add extra security measures on demand: If you have special devices and require that we put them in a safe after each working day, consider it done and rest easy.

Our dedicated specialist ensures that our software remains up-to-date at all times, effectively eliminating known hacking methods. Additionally, we employ a permission registry system to meticulously manage access to various resources, thereby minimizing the potential impact of human error.

We use the Agile methodology of software development. We strongly believe that this approach, based on Scrum, provides flexible development tools and processes with more productive solutions for your business. Scrum software development methodology allows us to create web and mobile products in cycles, providing an opportunity to detect issues at early stages while delivering product versions on a regular basis.

Our standard practice involves two-week iterations, allowing for efficient development and testing. However, we also have the flexibility to shorten the iteration period to one week whenever there is a need to accelerate the development process.

Depending on the project, we track defect rates (bugs found within the regression test, reopened defects, defects within separate modules, defects by owner, etc.). In addition, we monitor test coverage requirements, QA team velocity, bug lifetimes, bugs in production, and rejected bugs.

Depending on the project, we track defect rates (bugs found within the regression test, reopened defects, defects within separate modules, defects by owner, etc.). In addition, we monitor test coverage requirements, QA team velocity, bug lifetimes, bugs in production, and rejected bugs.

By analyzing and measuring these metrics, we have successfully decreased the average time needed to identify a problem from fifteen (15) days to just one (1) day. This significant reduction enables us to minimize the cost associated with bug fixing by a remarkable 80%.

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