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Native Android Mobile Development

Android application development is one of our core business directions. Our smart solutions in this field meet the stringent technical requirements of our customers around the world. We use the best practices and tools of the industry in providing Kotlin-based software development.

Our Android Development Services:


Our Android applications are developed in accordance with international standards, delivered on time, and within the agreed budget.

TV App

For this service, we produce stunning
video streaming apps. It’s our pleasure to deliver high-quality products.


Our Android engineers pay particular attention to tablet application development since user experience is a priority for us.

Wearable Apps

Our knowledge and experience allow us to develop wearable applications that stand out for their convenient functionality and catchy designs.


Our Android apps are practically designed in terms of UX and UI. We continually monitor and consider user feedback to ensure our solutions are as clear and user-friendly as possible.

Our native mobile Android software is found in numerous domains such as retail and mobile commerce, telecommunications, parking communities, VSaaS, healthcare, and others.

What other services can we deliver within the frame of our native Android mobile development services?

Banking & fintech mobile applications development.

At Enginerasoft we are proud of such business directions as the development of banking & fintech mobile applications. These apps allow users to transfer money from one card to another, make different online payments, use a voice assistant for payment purposes, and more. We develop software according to the laws and regulations of each customer’s geographical area.

MVP development services.

Development of native mobile apps is not cheap, so increasingly more business organizations begin analyzing their target audiences with MVP. We have the required technical skills and domain knowledge to bring your MVP to the market within an agreed budget and schedule. A dozen successful MVP projects have already been implemented by our company.

White-label Android mobile application development and customization.

Enginerasoft delivers and customizes white-label Android mobile apps in accordance with the requirements of any business domain: retail, e-commerce, e-learning, delivery services, banking & fintech, VSaaS, home services, taxi business, logistics, healthcare, etc. 

Business process automation.

Our professional team of engineers develop complex custom CRM / ERP platforms that help automate the entire working process, plus enhance staff productivity while cutting time on particular operations. Business process automation allows organizations to provide services to more clients with fewer personnel. We develop our solutions from scratch and cover the special needs of our customers.

Mobile applications with maps and geolocation.

We can implement maps into your Android app where particular objects will be displayed (e.g., shops, restaurants, gas stations, and many more). These maps help find the necessary objects closest to you then create a route and monitor the movement of users online.

Artificial Intelligence mobile applications.

Enginerasoft has created its own mobile solution based on AI technology called SpotVision. This app helps find a vacant parking place on the map online. Our team will gladly share our experience in this area and assist in creating your own Artificial Intelligence application.

How does our development process look?

Our company uses the best practices of Agile development, specifically the Scrum method, which ensures the delivery of sophisticated and high-quality Android applications. This approach helps us develop mobile apps in short-length iterations, so our customers can easily monitor the development process. More detailed information regarding our Agile approach can be found here.

1. Analysis and Preparation of Technical Documentation

Our engineers accomplish a thorough analysis of all technical and business requirements for the project. If a customer does not or cannot provide detailed documentation, we can do it on our own then prepare a technical plan with all project-related activities.

2. Mobile Screen Prototypes

In terms of design, our applications are elaborate. We take into account numerous nuances.

3. UI/UX

Our web designers start with the UI and UX elements only when all screen prototypes are ready. After the coordination of all design activities, the main development phase begins.

4. Development

In the development of your products and custom software, we always use the practices of an Agile methodology, particularly Scrum.

5. Quality Assurance

We provide testing services at every stage of development. We also prepare test documentation, which is continuously updated.

6. Deployment and Post-Delivery Maintenance

In this phase, an Android application is launched on Google Store and begins post-delivery maintenance period, which can be connected with change requests and new functionality.

Artifacts That All Our Customers Receive:

Design and source code

Technical documentation files

Intellectual property rights for Android application

Builds for the further publishing on Google Store

Access to the source repository

Some of Our Success Stories in Android Software Development

Custom CRM Development
During our collaboration, the Enginerasoft team was able to create a professional tool that provides convenient management and accounting for a variety of fish containers for rent while automating the workflow connected with calculations and invoice creation.
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Streamlining Fish Auctions Data through Integration with Customer CRM System
The client presented us with the challenge of integrating their web-based financial system with the Norwegian fish auction houses, namely NRS and RSF. The goal of this integration is to streamline the data collection process from the auction house systems and convert it into transactions.
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Home Audio App Development
The client came to us with an outdated mobile app that controls home audio systems. The app was plagued by over 200 bugs and had limited functionality making it difficult to use. Our task was to revive the app by enhancing it with essential features and ensuring stability for seamless operation.
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Fitness App Development
We successfully delivered a high-quality fitness app that met all of our client's requirements. Our team's dedication to excellence and attention to detail allowed us to create a user-friendly and efficient application that exceeded expectations. The positive feedback we received from our client validates our hard work and commitment to providing top-notch services.
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Custom Loyalty System for E-commerce Business
Our team of experienced developers utilized the latest technologies and programming languages to design and implement a loyalty system that met the client's specific requirements. The system was designed to offer rich functionality, flexibility, and stable performance, ensuring a seamless experience for both businesses and their customers.
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Data Backup for a Logistics Project
Within the framework of the project, we were also involved in building data backup functionality, as this is extremely important for the proper work of any service. Errors can happen and they can lead to a database crash. But using backups allows the restoration of essential business data and continuing stable system operations.
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