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SaaS Development Services

SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the cloud service models. Most SaaS products are web and mobile apps that do not require installation. A software application can be anything from office software to unified communications among the many other business applications available. For businesses, developing a SaaS application can be a strategic step in their growth.

Benefits you get when developing your SaaS products with Enginerasoft:

Large selection of SaaS software

We have developed numerous SaaS, web, and mobile applications. Our top-notch solutions help our customers enhance their productivity and optimize working processes. 

Much experience in MVP development for SaaS

At the beginning of the process, we form a minimum viable product (MVP). This refers to core features that immediately create value for your user at a minimal cost to you. Essentially, the minimum viable product is what your early adopters will get and test. You can find more information about MVP creation and the development process here.

Transparent working process

We follow the Agile software development methodology. With this approach, our client has access to all project documentation, participates in daily meetings, and as a result, they are always up to date on projects.

Types of SaaS software we develop:

Enginerasoft Also Provides Services Connected With Migration To The Cloud

Migrating to the cloud is a profitable investment for modern enterprises. Transferring a company’s IT infrastructure to the power of virtual servers is much like a physical move to a new office, except that instead of boxes, you have to pack data, applications, and IT processes. This transition requires careful preparation and precise execution. Cloud benefits include reduced software and hardware costs, business process automation, and more.

Benefits of SaaS Development for Business

You can receive a stable and regular income through a subscription model. And lower start-up costs allow you to attract a larger customer base, which is why many businesses are moving to the cloud. Let’s consider the advantages of the SaaS model (data center storage in the cloud) over On-Premise (content on the enterprise premises) in more detail. Advantages of using cloud services:

  • Scalability and control of peak loads. If for some reason the leased resources are insufficient, additional ones will be provided as needed in real-time.
  • Saving time and resources. When moving to the cloud, you do not need to independently maintain, update, or repair the physical infrastructure of the data center.
  • Post-accident recovery. In case of failures and malfunctions, repair work on cloud environments begins immediately and without user intervention.
  • Reliability. In case of damage or loss of data, the backup system will allow you to restore lost data as soon as possible; technical support is provided around the clock, as well as monitoring the state of the equipment fleet.
  • Removal of responsibility. The remote storage of user personal data becomes the responsibility of the cloud service provider.
  • Ease of transition. With proper preparation, cloud migration processes can take anywhere from a few days to a week, with no disruption to the business.
  • Freedom of choice. In the event that the provider ceases to suit the company, the transfer of cloud infrastructures to a new environment will not take much time.

FAQs Section

What tech stack do you use for developing SaaS?

We are big fans of Microsoft technologies—Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory B2C, ASP.NET, and Azure Search. For back-end development, we prefer .NET and Node.js. For the front-end: Angular, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML5, and CSS3. As for databases, we work predominantly with Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and Cosmos DB. For mobile software development, we use only native mobile tools. 

Do you provide post-delivery maintenance services?

Yes, we maintain software solutions delivered by Enginerasoft and software solutions developed by third-party organizations. Such services can include improvement of the product plus development of new features, bug fixing, defect corrections in the code, and other activities that can be discussed individually. 

What business domains do you specialize in?

During our years of operation, we have managed to gain extensive knowledge in various business domains such as e-commerce, e-learning, parking communities, banking & fintech, digital marketing, retail, real estate, payment services, and more.


SaaS Product Development Cost and SaaS Consultancy by Enginerasoft

So, how much will it cost to create a SaaS application? There is no single answer to this question since each project is unique as is its cost. The cost of SaaS development depends on the complexity of your project. The more features you need, the higher the cost. For this reason, we suggest you choose your required functions wisely. You can do this by drawing a clear line between required and desirable features. If you need help prioritizing functionality, we’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation, as Enginerasoft is a professional SaaS provider.


Our success story in SaaS development

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