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Web Portal Development

We implement progressive web portal solutions that help our customers enhance their productivity and optimize operational expenses. We adopt our software to any device or platform that a user may have. Our secure web portals have vast functionality, provide users with access to information through convenient navigation, and give them the possibility to create their

We implement progressive web portal solutions that help our customers enhance their productivity and optimize operational expenses. We adopt our software to any device or platform that a user may have.

Our secure web portals have vast functionality, provide users with access to information through convenient navigation, and give them the possibility to create their own accounts, share documents, get reporting and analytics, and communicate.

Our web portal development services include UX/UI design, web development, third-party integrations, software testing, optimization of outdated solutions, and support for current functionality. In our work, we use an Agile approach.

Based on the requirements of end-users, we develop custom web portals with relevant functionality. We support the development of the following systems:

Customer portals allow customers to manage their subscriptions (update, pause, or cancel them), view payment history, find the necessary information, contact the support team, and much more.

Vendor portals, also known as supplier portals, are systems that allow various businesses to cooperate with their third-party vendors.

Partner portals provide effective tools and resources to stimulate partners to increase sales. These portals contain extensive functionality connected with aggregation and analytics of marketing and sales data.

Employee portals are employee engagement tools that provide users with helpful HR information and give access to such functionality as company news feed, calendar, live chat, tracking systems and more. The purpose of these portals is to increase employee satisfaction, positively influence the productivity of the workforce, and collect data for the HR department.

E-learning portals provide students with access to e-learning materials, which can be in the form of audio and video files or printed lectures. Using such portals, students can communicate with their tutors, attend webinars, and where public discussions can be held.

E-commerce portals help create and grow online stores, manage relations between B2B and B2C, and conduct transactions.

Other portals

Benefits you get when developing your web portal with Enginerasoft:

Stable software 

Enginerasoft delivers sophisticated web solutions that perfectly meet any business need and or technical requirement. Our specialists are experienced in the creation of secure web portals for working process optimization.

Project management 

Our experienced project managers organize effective work and smooth communication during projects. It is our responsibility to provide full transparency of the development activities. Thanks to our well-organized process management, you will always be aware of project updates and have complete oversight of the entire team.

Industry expertise 

Enginerasoft is a team of skilled specialists with experience providing cutting-edge web software for banking & fintech, e-learning, e-commerce, parking communities, and other spheres of life. We deliver our industry-specific software solutions to startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies.

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Our web portal development process includes:

Business analysis

In the first stage, we lay a solid foundation for the future web portal: we analyze customer business and technical requirements; determine who will use the system, and how to develop user scenarios.

Architecture and UI design

In this stage, we consider the architecture and logic of the product. To implement our plans, we select the most suitable technical stack (programming languages, frameworks, databases, and the like). At the same time, a web designer provides a full vision of the UI / UX elements, taking into account all customer preferences.

Development stage

The development stage determines how stable and secure the functioning of the web portal will be. The choice of platform, technologies, and a competent approach to development plays a significant role. At Enginerasoft we strongly adhere to the Agile strategy of project management, since this approach allows us to develop products much faster. Team members spend less time on routine work, processes, and documents that do not bring lasting value. Moreover, a client receives constant updates on the progress of the work.

Integration with third-party software

Our development team has extensive experience working with various APIs and third-party software integration. We know how to complete smooth and quick integration with CRM, ERP, and LMS, as well as any reporting or financial company system. By the way, payment system integration is one of our main competencies. 

Quality Assurance

It is important that everything functions efficiently and without interruption. Users should see a thoughtful and user-friendly interface. So, Quality Assurance is the most important and integral part of project development. Since we follow the Agile approach, testing activities are carried out on every iteration.

Web portal setup and delivery

After completing the development stage, we transfer the web portal to the customer’s server. The customer gets user instructions (technical documentation and video tutorials). We also provide online user training for complex web products.

Post-delivery maintenance

After delivery, we negotiate a specialized contract with our customers, according to which we provide post-delivery maintenance. 

Tech stack that we use for web portal creation:


Angular, Javaskript, Typeskript


.NET, Node.js,  Java


MS SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Cosmos DB, Apache Cassandra


Realm Database, Swift, Xcode, UI kit, Foundation Framework, MapKit


Realm Database, Java, Retrofit+RxJava, Kotlin

Microsoft Technologies:

Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory B2C, ASP.NET, Azure Search

Advantages of custom approach in web portal development:

Direct access to company data

These days, when most company employees work with information processing and analysis, continuous and speedy access to necessary data sources is vital. Web portals providing this service ideally organize information according to the parameters set by employees. In addition, an advanced search engine helps quickly find the required document. Therefore, the total routine time spent on paperwork is significantly reduced.

Internal communication and security

Company portals, in addition, to secure storing / sharing sensitive commercial data and its numerous versions, help carry out effective internal communication between company staff via special chats or posts. Management can use the tools within the notification system so employees are always up to date with company news or upcoming events.

Unique user experience

Each company is unique in its own way with its business model and processes, internal regulations, security policies, and human resource management. A custom system developed specifically for the needs and requirements of the business will take into account each nuance. Such a system should have the necessary set of functionality with no need to pay for additional subscriptions. Adhering to such an approach in your IT strategy unconditionally leads to the automation of each work operation and an increase in the productivity of individual departments.

Less cost and time on employee training

Onboarding a new specialist is always a time-consuming procedure. Setting up an effective knowledge transfer process is much easier when all the necessary information is systematized, stored in one place, and quickly accessed. All these can be provided by custom web portals with functionality specially designed according to the company recruitment and training process.


+1 713 955 7765

19901 Southwest Fwy #184, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Vesivärava tn 50-201, 10152 Tallinn, Estonia

FAQs Section

For software development, we use the Agile methodology. From this approach, we are able to provide our customers with flexible development tools and more organized working processes which are divided into iterations.

In our work, we use only technologies manufactured by leading global IT organizations like Microsoft, Google, etc., which provide high levels of data security. By the way, it is not a problem for us to add extra security measures if you have such requirements.

Our preferred back-end technologies are .NET and Node.js. For the front-end we use Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. As for database preferences: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and Cosmos DB. 

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