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Parking Communities

Parking space rental automation service


In addition to custom software development, Enginerasoft is also engaged in the creation of its own solutions. One of these is MontePasso. This technology makes it possible to remotely connect to any barrier or, gate. In order to use Montepasso, it is not necessary to have special remotes, codes, and cards. You only need to know the mobile phone number or email address of the person who rents a parking space, and insert this data into the control panel, then access will be provided through a mobile application.


How does the application work?


Let’s go through the whole process step by step:.


Initially, you add a parking space into the system. After that, we can gather information about the parking space such as the location on the map, and other parameters.

Adding your parking to our system

Our software can be integrated with any access control  equipment. That’s why, after your approval, we can connect to your parking area and add it to the system.

Price setup

You decide what you will charge your clients. Depending on the revenue our service takes from 5% to 10%.

Guest invitation

After adding the guest’s phone number or e-mail address, the system grants them access to your parking space.

Payment from the guest

Your guest provides payment through any convenient online tool on our app. And what’s morel, you can instantly withdraw this money. 

Provision of access for the guest

Montepasso provides the guest with access to open garage doors, barriers, and any other equipment. The host can monitor all these activities on the web panel in real time.


AI solution for parking


With the increase of populations in cities, growth in the entire urban infrastructure is clearly noticeable and mostly reflected in the personal vehicles segment. Finding parking spaces in large cities and metropolitan areas is becoming a serious concern for citizens.

We discovered a software solution for parking communities in such situations—a mobile application called SpotVision, which helps find free parking spots using pictures from video surveillance cameras and Artificial Intelligence engines. This native mobile parking application is available for Android and iOS platforms.

The SpotVision mobile app allows users to select a free parking spot on the map in real-time, as data is automatically updated once every 30 seconds. The application also provides different types of maps; and for greater convenience, users can select a map, a satellite, or a relief.


For parking operators, we developed a web dashboard that integrates with the SpotVision mobile app. This management platform provides parking operators with the ability to add security cameras, display new parking spots and manage them, track the correctness of the neural network, etc. 





Some of our success stories: