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Minimum Viable Product Development

Enginerasoft provides MVP development services for start-up companies and enterprises. And thanks to our agile approach we deliver fast and qualitative solutions. We have rich experience working in this direction and have real success stories when our clients were able to bring their MVP into a successfully selling product around the world.

How do we help our customers create MVP? 

What does our development process look like?

Business analysis

During this stage, a business analyst researches more about an idea that needs to be implemented—the customer’s technical and business requirements—then prepares an accurate description of the future app’s functionality. All features are discussed, sorted by priority, and only the most crucial ones will be selected for MVP. 

Creating and testing an MVP prototype

With our strong UX/UI competence, we can reduce development costs by testing prototypes and designs first. Immediately, this stage will help you correct possible defects and make the product more understandable for users.

Architecture design

In this stage, a software architect is responsible for high-level architecture creation. At this time, the most optimal technology stack is selected. Taking into account the results of this stage we are able to consider an implementation plan with clear milestones, the role composition of the required team, and provide customers with an assessment of cost and timing.

MVP development

Building an MVP with Enginerasoft is the right idea because our team has expertise and experience in building commercially successful products. We ensure MVP stage completion on time and within the agreed budget. Our Agile approach allows us to deliver high-quality software and make the development process more transparent to our customers, so they can easily monitor project progress. Our standard MVP team is composed of a business analyst, UX/UI designers, back-end developers (1-3), front-end developers (1-2), and a project manager who controls the entire MVP development process.

Product release and further development

When all milestones of the development stage are completed, MVP can be submitted for beta testing by users or presented to investors. Considering all results collected from user feedback, and from such systems as Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrica, you can go further and plan your product’s evolution.



Benefits You Get When Developing Your MVP with Enginerasoft



  • Cost-Effective Approach

As a result of our accumulated experience developing MVP, we can offer you the most cost-effective solutions. The Agile development method, which we use on all our projects, helps us significantly reduce costs.

  • Minimum Time to Your Target Market

Our designed MVPs are ready to reach the desired market in 3-6 months. An Agile development method allows us to launch a product with a vital set of functionality during a tight timeline.

  • Get Stable Software

For our customers, we develop stable, fast, and scalable apps with any complexity level. The specialists of Enginerasoft use only reliable tools for software development. Our web tech stack preferences include .NET and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js) technologies. And, of course, in mobile projects, we adhere to a native mobile approach for our iOS and Android apps.

  • Domain Knowledge

As mentioned, our specialists have a wealth of experience in various domains. Such knowledge is especially valuable when developing an MVP. And we are ready to share this valuable information with you.

  • Get Your Own White-Label Mobile Product

We have been engaged in white-label product development for 7 years; during this time we have developed a large number of products. Thus, we are quite familiar with all the nuances and peculiarities of this business model, and it is one of our key expertise.


What Kind of Software Can We Offer for Your MVP Project?

We implement progressive web and mobile solutions in the frame of MVP development. Thanks to our practical skills and accumulated experience in various domain areas (E-commerce, VSaaS, Delivery, Logistics, Banking & Fintech, and more), we are able to provide our customers with top-notch industry solutions. Our engineers have developed numerous SaaS, web, and mobile applications.

Enginerasoft delivers MVP mobile development services for such platforms as Android and iOS. Our premium quality native mobile software can offer a wide selection of advanced features. Based on the needs of our customers, we develop the following applications: 

  • Banking & Fintech applications
  • Delivery applications
  • Mobile solutions for CRM / ERP systems
  • White-label solutions for businesses
  • and many more.

Our iOS and Android development services include app creation for mobile and tablet devices, and smartwatches, as well as the creation of video streaming apps.

In addition to mobile development, we provide highly qualified MVP web development services. Our skills allow us to satisfy the specific needs of our clients and deliver web software for any business purpose. Some examples from our portfolio include:

  • Management systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • CRM / ERP platforms
  • E-learning apps
  • E-commerce software
  • Portal development for employees, partners, vendors, and customers. 

When you come to us and request an estimate for your project, you get a free MVP consultation from our experts who have been working in this area for 7 years. Therefore, we are confident we can make your MVP project financially successful.

FAQs Section

How do you form an MVP team?

Our standard MVP team is composed of a business analyst specialist, UX/UI designers, back-end engineers (1-3), front-end developers (1-2), and a project manager who handles the entire development process. At your request, we can always extend our team, as Enginerasoft has enough specialists of appropriate technical levels.

What approach do you follow when developing software?

We use the Agile methodology of software development. We strongly believe that this approach, based on Scrum, provides flexible development tools and processes with more productive solutions for your business. Scrum software development methodology allows us to create web and mobile products in cycles, providing an opportunity to detect issues at early stages while delivering product versions on a regular basis.

What tech stack do you use for developing MVP?

Our preferred back-end technologies are .NET and Node.js. For the front-end we use Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. As for database preferences: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and Cosmos DB. When developing mobile software we strongly adhere to the native mobile approach (i.e. native iOS and Android apps).


Some of our success stories, where we started from MVP

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