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A Norwegian company that provides rental equipment to the seafood industry in the North Atlantic.


The client approached us with a request to develop a custom CRM system. They wanted something that would automate the work of their company managers connected with transactions, reports, and maintain a database of fishing equipment storage for rentals, plus a customer database. We were entrusted with the development of the back-end and front-end parts of the system plus a mobile version (native iOS application).


During our collaboration, the Enginerasoft team was able to create a professional tool that provides convenient management and accounting for a variety of fish containers for rent while automating the workflow connected with calculations and invoice creation.

This custom CRM system covers extensive functionality and provides users with the following possibilities: 

  • Authorization for users and role-based access control.
  • The option to set access rights to any function of the system for each role.
  • The possibility to create such objects as Company / Contract / Site (company entities: vessels and offices), add products (fish containers for rent) with descriptive information to the system. 
  • The ability to manage transactions, reports, and to export data from the system with CSV, XLSX files. 
  • Maintain an extensive client database.
  • The company customers can create a transaction in the system by selecting the departure point from which they rent containers (such parameters as quantity, type are also specified). Customers can use containers, transfer to another customer, or return containers.
  • Online product tracking which includes the following logistical stages: container rental, transfer to the customer, return, repair, and junking. Each stage corresponds to a certain status in the system. For example, there are such statuses as “In transit”, “Delivered”, “Canceled”, and more.
  • A payment calculation functionality. An invoice is calculated depending on how many days a customer uses containers, how much fish was caught, and how much was loaded into containers.
  • Electronic accounting of documents.
  • Mobile version adaptability.

The CRM has an impressive information base plus a quick search functionality. A large number of settings and filters factor in time losses during the search process for the required information.

In the frame of the project, our team accomplished integration with the service, Marinetraffic, which provides real-time data on the movements of vessels and their locations in harbors and ports.

We also completed integration with the fish auction system, which allows tracking of the entire movement of fish containers and displays who will be charged for container usage.


Our cooperation with the client has been ongoing for nearly two years. The customer is quite pleased with the delivered product, as it provides centralized client data, automates daily processes connected with transactions, invoice creation, and helps get real-time data regarding fish container movement.
We continue to develop the system, constantly improving and enriching it by introducing possible new functionalities.