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Mobile Banking Application Development


Banking & Fintech


Android, iOS.


A company that specializes in the finance sphere located in the USA.


The client approached us with a request to develop a mobile app that would help control finance from anywhere. We were entrusted with the development of the native Android and the native iOS versions of the app.


During our long-lasting and productive collaboration, our team was able to develop a secure application that provides users with the following mobile banking functionality:

  • Secure authorization with such biometric data as Facial ID and Touch ID.
  • User verification via email and cell phone by an SMS / message with a digital code.
  • The ability to carry out banking transactions and transfer money from card to card.
  • The ability to carry out card management: Users can easily add, lock (for a time), and delete banking cards.
  • Management of various payments via voice assistant (Siri).
  • Notification settings, with the help of which users can disable notifications.
  • Tracking of the transaction history with all payment details.
  • Users can withdraw money from the account and add money to a wallet.
  • Possibility to add a card to the Apple wallet.
  • Users can request a debit card for issue.
  • Possibility to handle a large number of online payments.
  • Users can manage banking account details with appropriate settings.
  • Possibility to carry out money transfers to Mexico.
  • A contact form with a support team.
  • Availability of KYC (Know Your Customer) system—the process of user data validation. Users can verify their identity by providing any type of the following documents: passport, driver’s license, or ID card. In these cases, the app requests permission for data sharing.


The application allows users to manage their finances, make purchases, transfer money to relatives and friends, manage account and digital card settings, and easily track all transactions from anywhere.

In addition, we developed and delivered the mobile application in accordance with the legal requirements of the geographic region where the customer is located.



The client was satisfied with the simplicity and security of the developed application. Moreover, we continue to work together in order to improve the mobile application and enrich it by introducing new functionality.