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About US

Enginerasoft has been providing its services in the field of software development since 2015. Our headquarters is located in Texas, USA.


We deliver IT services to start-ups, SMBs, enterprises, and even to companies from the Fortune 500 list. Our customers come to us from such spheres as e-commerce, e-learning, financial services, digital marketing, real estate, information technology, and others.


Among our solutions are mobile banking apps, management systems, custom CRM systems, internal portals for employees, e-learning platforms, monitoring systems, payment processing solutions, and more.

Our Services

Web application development

Enginerasoft is a skilled developer of web-based apps and services. We use the most comprehensive technologies such as .NET and JavaScript to show our clients new ways of growing and providing their users with the best experiences.

Native mobile application development

Our top-notch iOS and Android developers are able to overcome any difficulties in the mobile development process. We deliver reliable, fast, secure, and high-quality apps.

MVP development

We have extensive experience building MVPs. Our custom approach allows us to deliver software of any complexity and business logic. The most critical processes we handle include payment processing, big data processing, real-time data analysis, etc.

White-label mobile apps customization

We develop white-label mobile apps that can significantly expand our customers’ market offerings. We can also customize them so our customers get sharp, branded apps that are adapted to any business domain of our end-customers

Banking & fintech software development

For the last couple of years, we’ve successfully delivered various banking & fintech solutions including mobile banking applications and integrations of dozens of payment systems. Our specialists are constantly updated with the most advanced solutions in the industry.

Custom CRM development

With our customized CRM system, you can take your business to the next level. You can digitize all processes and generate reports in any form convenient for you and your team.

Our clients

We successfully developed a multifunctional e-learning platform that has managed to attract 520,000 registered students.

Thanks to our collaboration, the customer's online presence has experienced a substantial boost, resulting in the attraction of new customers.

Our team developed an e-commerce live chat solution that significantly enhanced the response speed and productivity of sales and support managers by 50%.

We have successfully developed an innovative cloud-based document management platform that helps reduce associated company expenses by 20%.

We developed a customer relationship management (CRM) platform specifically designed to optimize daily working routines and save up to 150 hours per year per employee.

We significantly improved the functionality of their e-learning site, enabling the customer to attract new students more effectively.

Our specialists have implemented substantial enhancements to the navigation of the customer's marketplace, leading to a significantly improved user experience.

The customer was provided with a convenient management tool that offers a shared workspace for software developers to collaborate more effectively.

By leveraging our mobile application specifically designed for home audio control, the client experienced a 30% boost in sales of their audio equipment.

Our Managers

“With over 25 years in the supply chain, procurement, and asset management in 6 different lines of business, I bring a wealth of expertise in large-scale system / solution architecture, integrations, and software development."

Joseph Graff
Logistics Advisor

“I have extensive experience in custom software development, totalling 15 years, assisting logistics companies develop and implement cloud-based solutions.”

Alex Goroshko
Founder, CEO

“Having extensive experience in logistics, I possess the expertise needed to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes.”

Hanna Lukerina
Director of Business Development

“With more than seven years of dedicated experience in Supply Chain Optimization, I have established myself as an expert in this field. My proficiency lies in adeptly orchestrating global projects and leveraging innovative technologies to optimize supply chains.”

María Framiñán Aparicio
Supply Chain Optimization Advisor

“Within 15 years of bussines development experience logistic services was always part of all proceses and last 4 years was actively connected to managing projects within IoT for logistic - telematic solutions.”

Sergii Pivnov Logistics Strategy Advisor

Our Approach

At Enginerasoft, we strongly believe that Agile development based on Scrum provides a flexible development process with more effective solutions that fit your business needs. Scrum software development methodology allows us to create products (web or mobile software) in cycles, giving an opportunity to detect mistakes at early stages while delivering product versions on a regular basis. Our Agile approach involves:


Daily meetings with customers and their technical teams.

At the end of each sprint, we conduct grooming—planning for the next sprint.

A retrospective is also carried out—analysis of the performed work, discussion of errors, and identifying weak points.

Monthly coaching sessions on Scrum Progress—a presentation by the Scrum Master on how to optimize workflow and development efficiency.

Communication with Agile team members and distribution of tasks are carried out using the Jira bug tracking system.

We deliver custom software according to a comprehensive strategy. Our software development process has several stages:

Project description

Requirements estimation

Design and development




Enginerasoft also offers post-delivery maintenance. We maintain software developed by our company and software developed by third-party companies. Such services include:

  1. Improvement of the existing product plus new features development
  2. Bug fixing and correcting defects in the code
  3. Performance enhancements
  4. Transfer to a new platform
  5. Technology transfer to the latest versions

Models of cooperation

Fixed Price (FP)

This model is suitable when you have a technical specification, and the scope of work is determined before the development stage.

A quality assessment of the project depends on the description of the requirements for the future product. Therefore, a contract with a fixed price reflects an accurate estimate made after a detailed analysis of the work scope and project risks.

Advantages of the Fixed-Price Approach

Strict deadlines. When you know the features your system will have, developers can come up with a clear plan and certain deadlines.

Predictability. Everything is discussed and planned in advance; it’s easy to track the status of the product development.

Affordability. The fixed price model is preferable for small projects with limited options and clear requirements. It’s also good for MVPs and projects with tight budgets and deadlines.

Time and Material (T&M)


According to this model of cooperation, you pay for developer work time upon completion of the project tasks.

This pricing model implies regular payment upon completion of work. Each month, a client pays for the working hours spent on development in the previous month. The Time & Material model of cooperation is preferable for long-term projects where there are no clear requirements and or the scope of work may change.


Advantages of the Time & Material Approach


Flexible requirements. The work can be divided into short stages. All features are properly tested and can be added or removed at any time.

Hourly rates. Clients pay a set hourly rate that was negotiated before the project starts.

Product quality. The product is thoroughly tested and brought to near-perfection through several iterations resulting in high-quality software.

Transparency. The time and cost model allows clients to track progress as developers submit progress reports. Often the client takes part in the project meetings on a daily basis within the frame of Agile Project Management.

Dedicated Team


This is an ideal solution for startup companies, as you will not incur additional costs connected with hiring additional resources.

A dedicated team is formed based on the goals and requirements of the client. This model is great for developing large, long-term projects where requirements change frequently. It is quite flexible in the scope of work and tasks, costs, and resources, as well as the development team itself.


Advantages of the Dedicated Team Approach


Economic efficiency. With this approach, there are no worries such as renting an office, purchasing equipment, paying electric bills, etc. Moreover, it is much cheaper to hire an already well-coordinated team than to independently look for developers with the necessary skills.

Good for large and complex projects. This model is useful for projects where it is difficult to think through everything to the end. It is quite flexible and can adapt to any change.

Direct communication and team monitoring. Using this model, the client can directly manage each specialist provided by the IT company.

Team scalability. From the onset, the client independently decides how many people need to be hired for software development. If necessary, clients can add team members or roll any specialist off the project.

Non-disclosure agreement

For your security, we offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement.