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Custom CRM Development

Custom CRM Development



For any company it is vital to have complete information on customers and the ability to manage it efficiently. This task can be solved within the framework of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. A CRM system allows enterprises to optimize interaction with customers, create an effective mechanism for managing marketing, sales, and service, as well as solve a number of fundamental issues; in particular, create a single source of information about customers, optimize the work of sales departments, implement cross-sell / up-sell throughout the entire client base and much more.

All ready-made CRM software has numerous features. Since such solutions must suit a wide range of users and or various types of businesses, they have a large number of functions and options built into them. But most of these functions go unused. A number of options and functions result in numerous icon fields on the user interface which can only annoy and complicate the use of the system. To avoid these downsides, we recommend that customers consider individualized CRM system development from scratch.

A customized CRM system can take your business to the next level. You can digitize all processes and generate reports in any form convenient for you. As a rule, the implementation of individual CRM increases the efficiency of all business processes.


Benefits of implementing a CRM system:



  • Sales growth from effective interaction with customers
  • Reduced promotion and advertising costs
  • Efficient workforce management
  • More efficient financial accounting and workflow
  • Accounting for every interaction with a client
  • Access to information about the business processes of the enterprise at any time


Cost of CRM development:



The cost of a custom-made system is affected by the amount of CRM data, the range of functionality, the availability and complexity of integrations, and the number of supported platforms. Many factors influence the cost and time for developing CRM applications: 

The number of features. The more individual functionalities are developed for a custom CRM, the higher the cost of the final product. 

The number of roles (types of access). For example, these could be the roles of Account Manager, Division Manager, Salesperson, or Marketing Specialist. Each role has specific access rights and capabilities within the system, and the implementation of each takes time.

Report system. Regular reporting can be supplemented by the ability to evaluate potential customers by their profitability along with a variety of  other parameters. 

Integration with other services. The number and complexity of third-party services significantly affects the final cost of development. 

Platform support. More support means an increased cost of the final CRM product. Mobile access can be implemented either as a browser responsive web design or as a standalone application.

Sales funnel. It can be a simple visual representation where users manually change the status of a lead. Or it could be a solution with automated business logic that moves the lead through the sales funnel and records all interactions.



Benefits you get when developing your CRM with Enginerasoft:



Up-to-date software

We follow best industry practices in order to develop and maintain effective solutions in line with the latest trends in CRM software development.

Scalable team

With Enginerasoft you can easily scale your project team to the required size, as we have enough back-end and front-end resources to meet your needs.

Transparent working process

You will have full access to project documentation created at each stage of the CRM development process and be regularly updated.

Free professional consultancy

Our extensive technical expertise in custom CRM development allows us to provide free-of-charge professional consultancy regarding your product.



The choice of CRM functions depends on the tasks that you set for it. As a rule, this is most affected by the size of the business:



  • Self-employed. Typically, individual users need only the customer database to monitor and track each interaction with a customer. 

  • Small businesses. Smaller companies typically need the work automation of the sales department as well as control over business development managers and their activities. 

  • Medium-sized businesses. These companies focus on marketing automation and sales. Moreover, they need analytics to predict vital business processes and develop marketing strategies.

  • Large businesses. For such companies, everything is important—from sales to risk management, thus they require full-fledged CRM systems.


What is CRM integration possible with?



  • Map Services
  • Payment systems
  • Web analytics services
  • Mobile applications
  • Chat / telephony
  • E-mail, newsletters, and push notifications
  • Third-Party CRM
  • Accounting and financial systems


Services we offer in-frame custom CRM development:



  • Consultancy
  • Business analysis
  • Custom CRM development
  • Third-party integration services
  • Data migration from the previous database
  • User training
  • After-delivery maintenance services
  • Further evolution

Our company offers individual development of CRM systems, as we do not want to push anyone into the framework of a standard set of functions. We offer universal methods, the implementation of which is possible in almost any business area. The development of software of any type is carried out on our end with maximum consideration of the individual characteristics and needs of each customer. Please contact us for a free consultation.



FAQs Section



What tech stack do you use for developing custom CRMs?

Our preferred back-end technologies are .NET and Node.js. For the front-end we use Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. As for database preferences: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and Cosmos DB. When developing mobile software we strongly adhere to the native mobile approach (i.e. native iOS and Android apps). 

Do you develop mobile solutions for existing CRM software?

Yes, we have a sufficient number of experienced specialists who can develop native mobile solutions according to your business and technical requirements. Such solutions can significantly expand the capabilities of your CRM system and optimize your workflow.

Will you provide me with software ownership after delivery?

We can start our collaboration by signing a non-disclosure agreement to ensure absolute project confidentiality. After delivery, we transfer your intellectual property rights, design and source code files, and technical documentation.


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