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Quality Assurance Service

Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide each customer with a package of innovative software quality assurance services. We routinely use test cases and checklists, since tests and metrics estimates are not empty words to us.

We offer complex testing to create more competitive products,  optimizing them for search engines, improving usability, and polishing the product to the needs of the target audience.

Our Core Quality Assurance Services:

Functional testing. This includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, interface testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing

Performance testing. Here an engineer inspects such parameters as stability, response speed, scalability, and load

Usability testing. This non-functional testing is used to evaluate the interface from the perspectives of convenience and efficiency

Compatibility testing. This is where we check software compatibility with various objects, whether hardware, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Security testing. This helps detect risks, threats, or weaknesses in the application, to prevent hacker attacks and ensure software security.

We conduct product testing at all development stages from requirements testing at the software analysis & planning stage to final testing at the product release and implementation stage.

Analysis & Planning

Requirements testing

System analysis


Prototype testing

Usability testing


Component testing

Cross-browser & multi-platform testing

Unit testing

Integration testing

System testing


Regression testing

Security testing

Load testing

Performance testing

Acceptance testing

Our QA team works with the following software:

Desktop software

There are special types of testing that need to be carried out on desktop applications, in addition to the main ones (functional, performance, usability, etc.), here we apply the following testing types: installation testing, update testing, uninstall testing. We conduct software testing at all stages of the product life cycle (Analysis & Planning, UI/UX, Development, Implementation). We detect bugs, suggest improvements, prepare test documentation, and monitor various quality metrics.

Mobile applications

Our QA team provides thorough analysis prior to the testing stage to identify software and hardware peculiarities and determine the needs of the target audience. We test native mobile applications (for iOS and Android platforms) on different devices. For these particular purposes, we have a vast collection of the most popular cell phone models on the current market. You can be sure with our company you will always get a quality mobile product.

Web platforms and cloud services

The Enginerasoft QA team provides testing for the following web platforms and services: various websites, CRM / ERP systems, e-learning and e-commerce software, management dashboards, monitoring systems, banking & fintech platforms, inventory management software, company internal web portals, and others. For web platforms and cloud services we conduct functional testing, security testing, performance testing, compatibility, and usability testing.

Payment gateways

Over the years, we have managed to integrate dozens of payment systems, such as Synchrony, Google Pay, Chase Pay, Moneris, WorldPay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Zipline, ACH Payments, Stripe, MerchantLink, Transaction Network Services (TNS), MasterPass, BIM, and many others. Each project was extremely successful due to the professional testing services of our QA team. 

Our specialists are clear about what testing techniques and tools should be used for mobile, web, desktop, and SaaS environments. We test various types of software, such as:

ERP system

CRM system

Supply chain

E-Learning software


Payment gateways

Accounting & financial systems

Inventory management

Benefits you get from hiring our QA team:

Our team of professional QA specialists have successfully completed dozens of complex projects using advanced testing technologies.

With us you can easily scale your project. Enginerasoft has enough resources to grow the team to the required size.

We provide a variety of testing services necessary for successful realization of your project.

You will have access to test documentation created at each stage of the development process and regularly updated.

Some of our success stories in .NET development include:

Custom CRM Development
During our collaboration, the Enginerasoft team was able to create a professional tool that provides convenient management and accounting for a variety of fish containers for rent while automating the workflow connected with calculations and invoice creation.
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Streamlining Fish Auctions Data through Integration with Customer CRM System
The client presented us with the challenge of integrating their web-based financial system with the Norwegian fish auction houses, namely NRS and RSF. The goal of this integration is to streamline the data collection process from the auction house systems and convert it into transactions.
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Home Audio App Development
The client came to us with an outdated mobile app that controls home audio systems. The app was plagued by over 200 bugs and had limited functionality making it difficult to use. Our task was to revive the app by enhancing it with essential features and ensuring stability for seamless operation.
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Fitness App Development
We successfully delivered a high-quality fitness app that met all of our client's requirements. Our team's dedication to excellence and attention to detail allowed us to create a user-friendly and efficient application that exceeded expectations. The positive feedback we received from our client validates our hard work and commitment to providing top-notch services.
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Custom Loyalty System for E-commerce Business
Our team of experienced developers utilized the latest technologies and programming languages to design and implement a loyalty system that met the client's specific requirements. The system was designed to offer rich functionality, flexibility, and stable performance, ensuring a seamless experience for both businesses and their customers.
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Data Backup for a Logistics Project
Within the framework of the project, we were also involved in building data backup functionality, as this is extremely important for the proper work of any service. Errors can happen and they can lead to a database crash. But using backups allows the restoration of essential business data and continuing stable system operations.
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