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Data Backup for a Logistics Project


Rental & Logistics


Microsoft Azure SQL Database


A Norwegian company that provides rental equipment to the seafood industry in the North Atlantic.


The customer approached us with a request to develop a custom CRM system for automating the work of their company managers and maintaining a database of fishing equipment storage for rentals as well as a customer database. One of the key objectives of the project was to ensure secure data backup, as electronic versions are inherently more reliable than paper copies, which can be lost during transportation.


The Enginerasoft team developed and delivered a highly productive CRM system that automates the management and accounting of various fish container rentals, and streamlined calculation invoice creation processes. In addition to its impressive functionalities, the system also offers robust security measures to protect sensitive data and transactions. 

Within the framework of the project, we were also involved in building data backup functionality, as this is extremely important for the proper work of any service. Errors can happen and they can lead to a database crash. But using backups allows the restoration of essential business data and continuing stable system operations.

For these reasons, we utilized Microsoft Azure SQL Database. It is a cloud service from Microsoft Corporation that supports storing and processing relational data, plus generates reports.  

There are some definite advantages to Microsoft Azure SQL Database which led to our choice: in particular, low cost compared to the creation of a separate virtual server with a Microsoft SQL Server, ease of use, and flexibility of operation and configuration. Furthermore, the database has a geo-replication feature that allows storage of database backups on servers in different Microsoft Azure regions around the world. Thus,  if all the data centers in one region fail, the infrastructure of other regions will provide access to the correct data.

With Microsoft Azure, it is simple to configure the settings for database backup creation. The frequency of backups can be adjusted based on the needs of the project, making it a flexible solution for different businesses. On this particular project, backups are created every 12 hours. Additionally, these backups are stored in a secure location, ensuring the safety of the data. This also helps with quick recovery in the case of data loss or corruption. 

Moreover, Azure also provides the option to automate the process of backup creation. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and reduces the risk of human error. The backups can be tested and validated regularly, ensuring their reliability and accuracy. 


Our cooperation with the client has been ongoing for nearly two years. The customer is quite satisfied with the delivered goods. In addition to stable and productive functionality, our specialists were able to set up a secure data backup using the capabilities of Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Microsoft Azure provides a robust and secure solution for database backup creation. With its easy configuration and automation options, it is an ideal choice for logistics or any other business that requires a reliable and cost-effective backup solution.

We continue to develop the CRM system, constantly improving and enriching it by introducing possible new functionalities. Our goal is to create a platform that not only meets current needs but also remains flexible and adaptable enough to handle new challenges and requirements as they arise. This approach to ongoing development and improvement is critical for ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the system.