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Mobile payment project

Carter is a Head of Customer Implementation at the fintech company. We have been collaborating for over a year now on our mobile payment platform. During this time the development team managed to deliver a mobile application with extensive functionality, more project details please find here.

“Hello, my name is Carter and I lead a technology and professional services delivery department in the fintech space. My team has had a long-lasting relationship with Enginerasoft, who have helped us augment our technology teams to deliver very high-quality and very feature-rich mobile and web applications to our clients. The Enginerasoft team has seamlessly integrated with our in-house development and QA teams. They bring extensive technical knowledge as well as product product knowledge and they also have a really dedicated work ethik. On top of that the Enginerasoft leadership and account management are what I would consider dedicated, thoughtful and collaborative and simply just great people to work with. I whole-heartedly recommend Enginerasoft to anyone looking for help scaling their technology delivery. Thank you!”

Xlns Technologies

Frank is a Technology Advisor and Founder at Xlns Technologies. Our cooperation resulted in the creation of a custom CRM system, which provides centralized client data, automates daily processes connected with transactions, and invoice creation, and helps get real-time data regarding fish container movement. More info can be found here.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Enginerasoft in a couple of different projects. One project was initiated as a way to scale our software engineering team. Enginerasoft was able to provide developers with the required technical skills and experience. They became a great contributor to our software design discussions as well as helped deliver the project sooner and with more features than would have been possible without them. Based on this experience it was easy to recommend Enginerasoft to another project building a web application with full back-end and front-end supported by iOS and Android apps. Again a great team was put together with the required skills to work with a customer in the design and development of the application. Personally, I appreciate both the technical skills as well as the openness and ease of working with Enginerasoft. I wish the Enginerasoft team great success in the future and can only give them my warmest recommendations. Good luck!”


Andrew is a CTO at Coursmos project. Our fruitful collaboration resulted in the creation of an e-learning platform. This e-learning platform enables users to take video and audio courses on various subjects. The app has convenient navigation for searching specific content and provides effective communication channels for students and tutors. More info can be found here.

“We have had long and fruitful cooperation with Enginerasoft which resulted in the creation of our e-learning platform. Since our project required the development of various interactive tools for online learning, the main criteria for choosing a software development contractor were knowledge of the domain and a strong technical base. As early as the project discussion phase, we were satisfied with the Enginerasoft approach for doing business and their expertise. Thanks to the efforts of the company, we received a high-quality custom product that fully covered the needs of our target audience, particularly tutors and students. This gave us a big push to grow and develop further in the field of online learning. We wish Enginerasoft prosperity and more loyal customers.”

P3chat project

Alice is the Head of Engineering at P3chat. We have been collaborating for more than two years. In the frame of this project, we delivered an e-commerce live chat, through which communication between online store visitors and the support team could take place. The platform consists of a widget and a management dashboard.  More info can be found here.

“We have been collaborating with Enginerasoft for more than two years. Choosing the right software provider was a priority for us, as we were looking for a trustworthy partner who we could share sensitive project data with and develop our e-commerce live chat. Enginerasoft met these specific requirements and was able to launch our MVP product under a tight schedule. As a result, we were able to collect and analyze our target market more rapidly, which facilitated further refinement of our e-commerce platform. We are quite pleased with the results of our collaboration with Enginerasoft and wish them new, interesting, and larger projects ahead.”