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Web Development with MEAN-stack

Application development with the MEAN stack implies the use of the following technologies: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.JS.

MEAN technologies let us develop reliable, fast, and scalable web services. These tools cover the entire software development process from the front-end part to the back-end using JavaScript code.

Why is it a good idea to choose MEAN-stack for your website development? Here are some advantages of this approach:


  • Using one programming language (JavaScript) for all parts of the application can speed up and reduce the cost of development and support;
  • It is also worthwhile to admit the widespread use of these technologies and their stability;
  • MEAN-stack environment provides an effective set of testing tools.
  • Enginerasoft can offer its customers a team of highly professional MEAN-stack specialists, who successfully fulfilled a big namber of projects of different complexity levels and arhitectural structure.

MEAN-stack services by Enginerasoft:


  • Full-stack development for website creation from scratch. We provide our clients with a full development cycle. Specifically, our services include collection and analysis of technical / business requirements, preparation of an architectural solution, software development activities and design implementation, integration with various third-party resources, product testing, and further maintenance and involvement. We use the Agile Methodology, which allows us to make the development process more transparent and understandable for the client, to enhance project quality, to achieve greater team engagement, and to see results faster by splitting the project into a certain amount of iterations. 
  • Back-end development with Node.JS. Our specialists have rich experience working with Node.js. This technology allows writing server-side code for dynamic web pages and web applications. Node.js readily handles a large number of concurrent requests while maintaining the speed of the application. It is often used to create SPAs (single-page web applications) where rendering is performed on the client side.
  • Front-end development with AngularJS and Angular2+, including the latest versions of Angular. Angular is a JavaScript framework maintained by Google. In our work, we use this technology for the obvious reasons of: 
    • Its flexibility—where all necessary information can be easily accessed without involving third parties.
    • Two-factor binding of information—which maximizes security for applications and automatically minimizes the risk of potential errors.
    • The MVVM module—that makes it possible to operate separately in one section of the application using the same set of data.
    • Availability of various functions.
  • Angular versions update, from the latest versions to the newest. Our specialists have much experience in working with all versions of Angular. And we receive numerous project requests related to updating Angular versions from the earliest to the latest. Here we are real gurus.
  • API development and third-party integrations. API is a system programming interface that allows any external system to access the data or business functions of any other software system. Using API to integrate various applications, programs, websites, etc. in doing business and provides a number of opportunities, such as: 
    • Integration of a commercial online resource with mobile applications, desktop programs, and online services 
    • Integration of IP telephony with CRM, 1C and other useful systems for collecting and using client data, telephone statistics, call forwarding, call recording, etc.
    • Many other software integrations required for business processes. 

  • Technology transfer from any previous stack to MEAN-stack. MEAN stack is one of the most popular JavaScript-based technology stacks and has maintained its place in the industry for years. The stack is ideal for both small and large applications and has a number of advantages. Not surprisingly, many companies consider the MEAN approach for their software migration from old technologies. If you are thinking about such a service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our most experienced MEAN stack specialists will provide you with a free consultation. 

Some of our success stories in MEAN-stack development