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We Deliver Software For Banking & Fintech 



In simple terms, fintech is software that greatly simplifies the process of interacting with finance while making it more reliable and faster. 

Today, the financial market is one of the most in-demand business sectors and has the most competitive power. The coronavirus pandemic has also facilitated changes—now we see a massive increase in online payments and other transactions. All this has resulted in a growing interest in electronic wallets, mobile banking apps, cryptocurrencies, and QR codes.

Our company specializes in developing software for  Banking & Fintech, which is a core focus of our business. Our expertise includes developing secure and scalable platforms (native mobile applicatins), integrating with any existing systems.


Mobile Banking Software for Banking & Fintech



The increased demand for the use of mobile banking applications has also been accompanied by the rise in user expectations regarding functionality and advanced features selection. For users, the simplicity and security of using such applications as well as the access to additional services are of great importance. Therefore, those companies that cannot meet these needs are at high risk of losing the market and customer loyalty.

Enginerasoft has vast experience in developing software for Banking & Fintech. We are constantly learning and always up to date with the most advanced solutions in the industry. Our applications stand out from other software with their reliability, scalability, and speed of operations. For our customers we offer only the best functional solutions: 

  • Authorization in the banking application with such biometric data as Face ID, Touch ID
  • Banking transactions; transfer from card to card
  • Card management (adding, and deleting banking cards)
  • Debit card request for issue
  • All kinds of online payments
  • Payment management via voice assistant (Siri)
  • SMS verification
  • Implementation of such systems as KYC (Know Your Customer)—the process of user data validation
  • We work and develop software in accordance with the legal regulations of the geographic region where the customer is located.


Payment Services Integration



We integrate our applications with various services: Paypal, SecurePay, Google Pay,  Apple Pay, Android Pay, Stripe, Chase Pay, Moneris, Amazon Pay, ZipLine, WorldPay, BIM, and a majority of other payment gateways. More information regarding our experience and expertise in payment systems integration can be found here.


White-Label Software For Banking & Fintech 



Many customers seeking the development of banking applications would like their applications to be easily branded and customized with a certain functionality according to the needs of end clients. We are certain how to deliver white-label services for such companies. More detailed information about the peculiarities of the service and how this process is organized at Enginerasoft can be found here.


Technology Stack



For our mobile applications, we use only native mobile development tools. Here we mean iOS-based technologies and Android-based technologies. For iOS development we use the following tech stack:

  • Realm Database
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • UIkit
  • Foundation Framework
  • MapKit. 

For Android development we use these tools:

  • Realm Database
  • Java
  • Retrofit+RxJava
  • Kotlin.

For the back-end and front-end, we use reliable technologies that assure the stable operation of our software. For these reasons, we utilize .NET, Java, and MEAN-stack technologies (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js).


Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?



Project Estimation

We provide free consultations and project estimates.

Agile Methodology

A flexible methodology allows us to take into account customer expectations and control the development process at every stage.


We develop individual software solutions in accordance with international banking standards.

Business Analysis

We conduct market analyses and share valuable insights for your business before the project kick-off.

Rich Experience

With a team of 7+ IT-experienced developers, we’ve delivered large numbers of  Banking & Fintech software.


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