Minimum Viable Product Development

Enginerasoft provides MVP development services for start-up companies and enterprises. And thanks to our agile approach we deliver fast and qualitative solutions. We have rich experience working in this direction and have real success stories when our clients were able to bring their MVP into a successfully selling product around the world.

How do we help our customers create MVP? 

What does our development process look like?

1. Business analysis 

During this stage, a business analyst researches more about an idea that needs to be implemented—the customer’s technical and business requirements—then prepares an accurate description of the future app’s functionality. All features are discussed, sorted by priority, and only the most crucial ones will be selected for MVP. 

2. Creating and testing an MVP prototype

With our strong UX/UI competence, we can reduce development costs by testing prototypes and designs first. Immediately, this stage will help you correct possible defects and make the product more understandable for users.

3. Architecture design

In this stage, a software architect is responsible for high-level architecture creation. At this time, the most optimal technology stack is selected. Taking into account the results of this stage we are able to consider an implementation plan with clear milestones, the role composition of the required team, and provide customers with an assessment of cost and timing.

4. MVP development

Building an MVP with Enginerasoft is the right idea because our team has expertise and experience in building commercially successful products. We ensure MVP stage completion on time and within the agreed budget. Our Agile approach allows us to deliver high-quality software and make the development process more transparent to our customers, so they can easily monitor project progress. Our standard MVP team is composed of a business analyst, UX/UI designers, back-end developers (1-3), front-end developers (1-2), and a project manager who controls the entire MVP development process.

5. Product release and further development

When all milestones of the development stage are completed, MVP can be submitted for beta testing by users or be presented to investors. Considering all results collected from user feedback, and from such systems as Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrica, you can go further and plan your product’s evolution.

Some of our success stories, where we started from MVP