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The Development of the Warehouse Management System




ASP.Net MVC 5, MS SQL Server, ORM Dapper.


A company based in the USA that specializes in offering high-quality new, used, and refurbished warehouse and material handling equipment.


The client faced significant operational inefficiencies in their warehouse management system. The core of the existing project was built on ASP.Net MVC 5, with MS SQL Server as the database backbone, utilizing ORM Dapper for database interactions. The primary challenge involved implementing a time-tracking system for order processing by warehouse workers, complete with authentication and an admin panel for tracking management history. However, several obstacles impeded progress. The project was hampered by an outdated technology stack and a poorly planned project structure. Furthermore, the client’s database, which was auto-generated by SAP, lacked proper documentation and clarity. This not only slowed down development but also necessitated extensive research and frequent discussions with the client to clarify data sources essential for the operational workflow.


To tackle these challenges, our software development team initiated a collaborative approach with the client’s IT department. The first step involved a comprehensive analysis of the existing system and its architecture to identify the key areas requiring enhancement. Regular workshops and meetings were conducted to ensure clear communication and alignment of goals between our team and the client.

Given the complexities of the SAP-generated database, our developers took the initiative to conduct deep dives into the system, gaining insights necessary to streamline the data integration processes. By enhancing the database interactions through optimized Dapper queries and revising the database schema, we were able to improve the system’s responsiveness and reliability.

To address the issue of the outdated technology stack, we proposed incremental updates to modernize the system without disrupting the existing operations. This approach included refining the ASP.Net MVC 5 framework and integrating advanced security measures for the authentication processes involved in the tracking system.
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The project culminated successfully with the implementation of a robust time-tracking system that significantly enhanced the efficiency of warehouse operations. The new system not only provided precise tracking of order execution times but also featured a comprehensive admin panel that offered real-time insights and historical data management. These improvements led to a marked increase in operational transparency and efficiency, enabling our client to manage their warehouse activities more effectively.