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Enginerasoft at Logistech 2023: Navigating Market Conditions and Trends

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Logistech 2023 in Izmir, Turkey showcased an array of dynamic trends in the logistics industry. Enginerasoft, a prominent software solutions provider specializing in logistics, keenly observed these trends to tailor their services to meet the evolving needs of the market. Here’s a comprehensive overview of some notable trends discussed during the event.

Addressing Carbon Emissions: An Imperative in Customer Service

Sustainable practices have become paramount in the logistics industry, especially for larger clients who emphasize their corporate responsibility. Governmental regulations are steering vessel systems toward modifications and the integration of special filters to curb carbon emissions. However, these environmental upgrades come at a cost, inevitably increasing freight expenses. Large customers now demand detailed reports on carbon emissions, necessitating specialized certificates and reports.

Global Expansion Plans: Dubai and the United States in the Spotlight

Ambitious expansion plans are a common theme among logistics companies, with a strong focus on strategic locations. Dubai, a pivotal business hub, attracts attention due to its advantageous geographical position. Similarly, the United States, renowned for offering a solid foundation to promote services, is on the radar of many aspiring logistics companies.

3PL Competition Dynamics: Turkey vs. the United States

Intriguingly, Turkey experiences relatively low competition among third-party logistics (3PL) companies compared to other nations. A significant proportion of Turkish companies opt to manage logistics in-house rather than engage 3PL services. For instance, while approximately 57% of logistics operations are handled by 3PL companies annually in the United States, this figure is merely around 3% per year in Turkey.

Automation: A Catalyst for Efficiency and Modernization

Automation is revolutionizing logistics companies, streamlining operations with tracking, invoicing, and reporting systems. Yet, a considerable number of companies are burdened with outdated, inefficient systems that no longer meet market demands. A notable gap exists in the automation of the quotation process for customers, highlighting a critical area for potential enhancement.

Software Landscape in Turkish Logistics

Leading the software realm in Turkish logistics are renowned systems like Soft Pro, Ciber, Ocean Soft, GoFreight, CargoWise, and more. These platforms play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and streamlining logistics processes, ensuring seamless operations.

The Freight Market: Battling Competition and Economic Challenges

Competing in the freight market demands a delicate balance of providing competitive pricing and excellent service. Building robust relationships with ship owners is key to securing competitive prices. However, sustaining consistent volume and prices to ensure profitability and growth remains a significant challenge, particularly in the present economic climate. Economic challenges and geopolitical events, such as the conflict in Ukraine, can significantly impact industry prices and operations.

The Role of Industry Organizations: Networking and Recognition

Many logistics companies actively participate in industry organizations to enhance visibility, demonstrate expertise, and derive benefits from such memberships. Being part of recognized associations is a strategic move that allows companies to showcase their capabilities and foster valuable relationships within the industry.

Enginerasoft’s Vision and Direction

For Enginerasoft, participation in Logistech 2023 reaffirmed the importance of innovation and adaptability. The insights gained from this event have ignited a renewed commitment to leveraging emerging technologies, aligning solutions with market needs, and driving the logistics industry forward.

The road ahead for Enginerasoft involves a strategic focus on developing comprehensive and tailored software solutions that address the evolving needs of the logistics sector. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and understanding market dynamics, Enginerasoft aims to continue providing cutting-edge solutions that empower logistics businesses and contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric industry.