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Enginerasoft’s Visit to TransLogistica Poland

Enginerasoft recently marked its presence at TransLogistica Poland, the premier logistics exhibition in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. This event, known for gathering industry leaders and innovators, served as a crucial platform for Enginerasoft to showcase its expertise and explore new business opportunities. Director of Business Development Hanna Lukerina attended the exhibition, highlighting Enginerasoft’s commitment to engaging with key players in the logistics and transportation sectors.

The exhibition was a vibrant mix of companies, predominantly Polish (80%) with a significant presence of European businesses from Finland, Norway, Italy, Germany, and Turkey. This diverse assembly included logistics, transportation, and forwarding companies, along with businesses owning their fleet. The representation was broad, covering maritime, rail, and road transport sectors, with a focus on European, Turkish, and Asian road transport.

Prominent among the exhibitors were global leaders like Shell and Blue Yonder, alongside logistics technology companies offering products tailored to the sector. Enginerasoft took this opportunity to engage with these industry giants, learning and exchanging insights.

A notable aspect of the exhibition was the variety of IT solutions presented. These included innovative fuel checking products, comprehensive and customizable TMS systems, GPS systems integrated with smart devices, freight exchange platforms, and remote-controlled lockers for heavy loads. Telematics systems were also a highlight, reflecting the industry’s move towards digitalization and automation.

Enginerasoft’s presence at TransLogistica Poland was highlighted by 32 meetings with various companies, showcasing its commitment to building a robust network within the logistics sector. This interaction highlighted the pressing need for automation in many companies, where processes are still managed through outdated software or manually in Excel files.

Despite the challenges posed by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rail transport companies operating between Europe and Asia were thriving. However, they face a lack of automation, particularly in cargo tracking at borders, which is still done manually, consuming valuable time and resources.

The event underscored a positive trend: many companies are ready to embrace advanced technologies and automate their business processes for greater clarity and efficiency. Enginerasoft, with its array of offerings including TMS systems, warehouse solutions, tracking and GPS systems, and customization and integration services, is poised to meet these emerging demands.

The TransLogistica Poland profile encompassed a vast array of services and sectors, from integrated logistics services to transport management, toll collection systems, and even educational and consulting services. The visitor profile was equally diverse, including shippers, transport companies, logistics operators, freight forwarders, and others, reflecting the comprehensive nature of this event.

Enginerasoft’s participation in TransLogistica Poland signifies its dedication to staying at the forefront of logistics and technology solutions, ready to offer the best to its clients and contribute to the evolving landscape of the logistics industry.