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Multimodal Shipping Calculator for a Logistics Client




API Google Maps, Angular, Nest.JS.


An Australian company in the logistics sector.


The client was facing challenges in calculating logistics deliveries. Traditionally, these calculations were done manually using Excel spreadsheets, a time-consuming and error-prone process.


Our software development team crafted a multimodal shipping calculator. This tool represents our expertise in the domain of logistics software solutions.


– Instant Cost Calculations. The calculator allows for the instantaneous computation of transportation costs, significantly enhancing efficiency.

– User-Friendly Input. Users can input the shipment’s origin and destination addresses, along with cargo quantity. The system processes this data in just a few seconds.

– Detailed Cost Breakdown. Beyond providing total transportation costs, our calculator offers a detailed breakdown of expenses at each stage of the shipment process. This feature allows for a granular view of costs, from the point of origin to the final destination, and also for intermediate distances.

– Integration. The calculator is seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing database systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced accuracy.


– Time Efficiency. Our tool has significantly reduced the time specialists in the client’s company spend on calculating transportation costs.

– Accuracy and Reliability. By automating the process, the calculator has reduced the likelihood of errors that are common with manual calculations.


This project showcases our ability to deliver tailored, effective software solutions in the logistics domain. Our commitment to understanding and meeting client needs has resulted in a powerful tool that significantly enhances operational efficiency and accuracy in logistics cost calculations.