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Enginerasoft’s Development of the “Hydrogen Delivered Lifecycle Analysis Tool”


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Angular, Webpack, Nest.js, Formula.js, Chart.js, Sheet.js, Apache eCharts.


Our customer, Clean Air Task Force (CATF), is a leading organization dedicated to combating the effects of climate change by accelerating the global development of climate-protecting technologies.


CATF required a tool that could handle intricate calculations and comparisons of emissions across various hydrogen production pathways and transportation methods.


Enginerasoft took on the ambitious project of creating a comprehensive web tool for CATF, named the “Hydrogen Delivered Lifecycle Analysis Tool” (H2DLAT). This tool stands out as a pioneering solution in analyzing the full lifecycle emissions of hydrogen, covering everything from production to transportation. This project posed an immense challenge due to the need to integrate and process over 88,000 complex Excel formulas, a task made difficult by the lack of existing libraries for such a large and complex dataset.

To meet this challenge, Enginerasoft’s team embarked on a monumental effort to analyze and integrate these formulas, writing extensive custom code to ensure accurate data processing. The result is H2DLAT, a user-friendly web tool built using technologies like Angular, Webpack, Nest.js, Formula.js, Chart.js, Sheet.js, and Apache eCharts. This tool allows users to navigate various hydrogen production pathways such as steam methane reforming (SMR), autothermal reforming (ATR), partial oxidation (POX), and electrolysis, with flexible input selections to tailor the analysis to specific requirements.

A standout feature of H2DLAT is its advanced transportation module, enabling users to choose from different hydrogen carriers and modes of transport for comparative analysis. Enginerasoft has also integrated dynamic and interactive charting capabilities using Apache eCharts, enhancing the tool’s visual appeal and user engagement.

Additionally, H2DLAT is fortified with educational and informative elements. Information icons next to dropdown menus provide detailed explanations, boosting the tool’s usability and educational value.

The impact of H2DLAT is multifaceted. It serves as a powerful decision-making tool for CATF and its stakeholders, enabling them to make informed choices about hydrogen production and transportation methods with a comprehensive understanding of their environmental impact. It also stands as an educational resource, helping users grasp the complexities of hydrogen lifecycle emissions.


Enginerasoft’s development of the H2DLAT for CATF showcases their ability to deliver sophisticated and customized software solutions. By tackling the daunting challenge of integrating a massive set of Excel formulas and providing an intuitive, informative, and visually engaging tool, Enginerasoft has significantly contributed to advancing the understanding and analysis of hydrogen lifecycle emissions.