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Online Hydrogen Financial Calculator Development


Public Policy Offices


Angular, Webpack, Nest.js, Formula.js, Chart.js, Sheet.js


Our customer, Clean Air Task Force, is a leading organization dedicated to combating the effects of climate change by accelerating the global development of climate-protecting technologies.


The customer required a professional tool that could facilitate complex calculations related to hydrogen production costs. The aim was to provide users with insights into the technical and economic drivers behind these costs, enabling better decision-making and policy formulation.


Our team developed an online hydrogen calculator capable of fulfilling calculations of any complexity using various spreadsheet platforms such as Excel files, Google Spreadsheets, MS Office Online Excel, Open Office, and Mac OS Numbers. Our primary objective was to create a user-friendly tool that would enable users to estimate production costs for low-carbon and electrolytic hydrogen and ammonia.

Key features of the developed solution:

  • Calculation Flexibility: The Hydrogen Financial Calculator allows users to adjust inputs for different models, ensuring accurate and customized cost estimations.
  • Production Cost Estimation: The tool calculates the cost of hydrogen and ammonia production, providing users with valuable insights into the financial implications.
  • Graphical Breakdown: Alongside cost calculations, the calculator generates graphical breakdowns, visually illustrating the factors contributing to the cost stack.
  • Policy Analysis: Users can leverage the tool to assess the impact of policy levers, such as tax credits or carbon pricing, on production costs. This feature aids policymakers in making informed decisions.

The Hydrogen Financial Calculator developed by Enginerasoft is a perfect tool for enhancing the understanding of production costs for low-carbon and electrolytic hydrogen and ammonia.

By delivering a user-friendly interface and leveraging advanced technologies such as Formula.js, Chart.js, and Sheet.js, we empowered our client and its users to estimate production costs accurately, analyze policy impacts, and contribute to the development of climate-protecting technologies.