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Advanced User Data Synchronization Application


Information Technologies


.Net 7, web API, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Service Bus, SignalR, Microsoft Graph, Serilog, React.


Mindline is a technology solutions provider based in the USA.


Our software development company was tasked by Mindline to develop a user data synchronization application. The primary objective of this program was to facilitate the synchronization of users between different data warehouses.


The  user data synchronization application enables the copying of users from one Azure AD tenant to other tenants, while providing the flexibility to configure specific user groups for synchronization. To simplify the configuration process, we designed and developed a dedicated web portal where administrators could conveniently manage all the required settings.

The initial phase of the project focused on creating a robust and scalable solution for synchronizing users within Azure AD. We faced several challenges during the development process, including:

  • Integration Complexity: Integrating with Azure AD required in depth understanding and utilization of Microsoft Graph API, which posed challenges in terms of authentication, data retrieval, and synchronization processes.
  • Data Synchronization Logic: Designing and implementing an efficient algorithm to synchronize users between different Azure AD tenants, while ensuring data integrity and security, presented a significant challenge.
  • Configurability and Flexibility: Developing a user-friendly web portal that allowed administrators to configure synchronization settings, such as selecting the source and target tenants and specifying user groups to be copied, required careful planning and intuitive design.

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To address the requirements and challenges of this project, our development team utilized the most advanced technologies in the industry. We implemented Azure Functions to handle specific tasks, such as data synchronization and user authentication. To enable reliable message-based communication between different components of the system, we utilized Azure Service Bus, which provided a scalable publish-subscribe messaging infrastructure. For efficient data storage and retrieval, we employed Cosmos DB, a globally distributed and multi-model NoSQL database service, to store user data and synchronization logs securely. However, this is not an exhaustive list of the technologies we used for the project.

With the successful implementation of the initial phase of the user data synchronization application, our development company aimed to expand its functionality by incorporating support for user synchronization between different types of data warehouses. Specifically, we planned to include synchronization capabilities between Google Workspace and Azure AD. This expansion allowed Mindline clients to synchronize their user data seamlessly, regardless of the platform they make use of.


Our collaboration with Mindline resulted in the successful development of a user data synchronization application that streamlined the process of synchronizing users within the Azure AD ecosystem. The program, supported by a dedicated web portal, offers administrators the convenience of configuring synchronization settings and enables the copying of user data across different Azure AD tenants. Our utilization of cutting-edge technologies, such as .Net 7, Azure Functions, Service Bus, SignalR, Microsoft Graph, Serilog, ensured a robust, scalable, and user-friendly solution. With future plans for expansion and enhanced support for additional data warehouses, Enginerasoft continues to empower Mindline and its clients in optimizing their data management processes.