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Mobile Application Development for Custom CRM System


Rental & Logistics




A Norwegian company that provides rental equipment to the seafood industry in the North Atlantic.


We had already developed a custom CRM system that automates the work of the company managers, maintains a database of fishing equipment storage for rentals, and contains a customer database. However, the client requested development of a native iOS application that provides information regarding all company transactions.


After collaborating, the Enginerasoft team was able to create a professional mobile tool that provides convenient overview and management for all company transactions with the following data:

  • When fish containers were shipped
  • From what company and to what company containers were shipped
  • Quantity, weight, photos, and description of containers.

It is also possible to attach various files (images, media, and documents) to each transaction, preview them, then share files with other applications.

All transactions are marked with a status that reflects the movement of fish containers in the supply chain. These status markers include “InTransit”, “Waiting”, and “Delivered”. 

Using this mobile application, you can not only view transactions, but also create new ones, filter them according to specific parameters, and divide them into categories such as “Incoming” (inside organization) or “Outgoing” (outside organization).




We managed to create a separate mobile application for one of the company’s most important business functions—namely transaction management, so that employees working remotely and on the move always have immediate access to essential company information.
The customer is quite pleased with their mobile application: it provides a convenient overview and centralized data. We also have in the works a native Android application for even better user experience and wider accessibility. Overall, the project was a success and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the customer.