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TPS Gate Project


Parking communities


Web: NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular, Express. Android: MVP, MVVM, Realm, Java, Retrofit+RxJava. iOS: MVP, MVVM, Realm, mapKit, Swift.


In addition to custom software development from scratch, Enginerasoft is developing its own IT solutions. One of which is the TPS Gate system. In this case, the customer is our own company.


We have always been interested in creating a product that is not only profitable, but also useful to society. We have been nurturing this idea for a long time, studying issues that may arise when using urban and private parking infrastructures. That is how the idea of TPS Gate was born. It was essential that the future system provide smooth access through automatic barriers and gates for ambulances, taxis, and delivery services without disturbing residents and concierges.


TPS Gate is a mobile application for residents of apartment complexes and drivers of taxi / delivery services, plus a web system that is used by property owners and managers of taxi / delivery services. This was a broad-scale project which involved the development of a large number of components from scratch.

In the frame of the project, our professional team of engineers delivered a native mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. For residents, the service is free of charge.

Let’s start with the functionality for residents of apartment complexes. Because of the multifunctional coverage of the system, users can operate several barriers at different addresses (e.g., home and work addresses, addresses of relatives, etc.); they can open barriers and provide access to them remotely after getting special permission from the barrier owners (possible from our web panel). This is a convenient service, as there is no need to have remotes or other special devices to open these barriers.

With such app benefits, residents do not need to call security every time they place an online order. In such instances, the request is generated automatically within the system and is sent to the particular driver of an organization where TPS Gate has an agreement (we have a long list of partners that simplifies life greatly).

For relatives, friends, workers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, etc. ), or other services that do not have agreements with TPS Gate, a resident can create a temporary pass similar to a link that leads to a web page which has a barrier address and an “Open” button.

The app functionality for drivers is also extensive and provides temporary access to closed areas for goods delivery or picking up passengers. A list of barriers is available in the application, and thanks to the geolocation system, the nearest barriers can be found at the top of this list, as all objects are sorted by distance. Drivers have access only to those addresses to which the order is placed. In this case, there is no need for users to call the operator or a checkpoint, they can simply turn on GPS and mobile Internet using a smartphone. Then the mobile application will immediately open the necessary barrier to the driver.

Because security is a major concern for all of our solutions, we introduced mandatory verification for all app users via cellphone. We verify user phone numbers by sending them an SMS with a digital code.

In addition to mobile applications, the TPS Gate system provides a web panel which has different roles such as property owner, fleet owner, administrator, manager of a taxi service, manager of a delivery service, and more. These roles offer the availability of certain functionality and access rights.

For example, the following options are available for administrators:

  • Access to detailed analytics and visit history
  • The ability to monitor cases of system misuse and a wide variety of  technical information
  • Database of all drivers in the fleet and the ability to add / remove drivers
  • The ability to issue temporary entry passes
  • Detailed reports on driver activity.

There is also a special API that allows TPS Gate to interact with third-party systems. This happens as follows: The automated system of the online service (e.g., taxi, delivery, etc.) informs our system that an order has been created, then TPS Gate generates a pass for the driver.

Finally, we are proud that our solution can be used by ambulances. All barriers connected to the system are available to them. This eliminates precious minutes of potentially life-threatening wait time for people responsible for opening barriers. With TPS Gate, the problem is solved.



Today, TPS Gate is not only a startup that analyzes its market and target audience, but is a successful solution used by a large number of people and services that generates a stable income. There are more than 25,000 automatic barriers connected to the system and more than 47,000 drivers have access to closed areas.