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E-learning Platform Development




Front-end: Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Webpack. Back-end: Node.js, MongoDB.


The customer is a company based in the USA that provides e-learning solutions.


The customer came to us with an idea to develop an e-learning platform from scratch.


Our team developed an e-learning platform that allows students to take video courses on various topics. It provides both paid and free content. The platform, called Courses, allows users to tag the lecturers who deliver the best quality content.

The application has a responsive design and convenient navigation for thematic content search.

Teachers can post their video tutorials, as well as various documents. They also have an opportunity to withdraw funds to a banking account, a banking card, or a PayPal account.

Students can register and subscribe to various courses. And the lesson information is saved in the user account.

In addition, the platform gives everyone the opportunity to come up with their own micro-courses. The users of the system can be either creators of individual methodologies or authors of training modules.

There are also various subscriptions. For example, students can either buy a specific course or buy a subscription to paid content for an entire month.


The customer is absolutely satisfied with the project results—he received a multifunctional e-learning platform.