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Enginerasoft’s Participation in Mare Forum Istanbul

Enginerasoft recently had the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Mare Forum Istanbul, a key event in the maritime industry, that took place on May 17, 2023. The forum provided a unique platform for engaging discussions and transparent dialogues between industry executives, shedding light on critical topics such as (green) shipping, energy transition, decarbonization, financing, and investing models. Notably, a significant focus was placed on addressing the urgent concern of carbon footprints and their impact on the sustainability initiatives of the maritime sector.

It was an open forum that encouraged honest discussions. Executives from various maritime domains actively contributed, exchanging their perspectives, ideas, visions, and respective roles within the evolving maritime landscape. The main objective was to shape together a brighter maritime future, with a special focus on the Turkish maritime cluster.

The maritime industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by a collective commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. This transformation involves a substantial shift towards green shipping and a focus on energy transition and decarbonization. The discussions at the Mare Forum Istanbul emphasized the need for innovative solutions and strategic investments to meet these goals.

One of the key highlights of the forum was the exploration of financing and investing models that can support the transformation of the maritime sector. This included discussions on funding mechanisms, investment strategies, and partnerships crucial for driving sustainable initiatives forward.

The maritime sector in Turkey is rapidly evolving, and the Mare Forum Istanbul provided a platform to envision and design the industry’s future. The discussions aimed to chart a course from the present to 2030 and beyond. 

Interview with Forum Participants: Watch a 3.48-minute segment featuring our business representative.

With its strong commitment to technological advancement and sustainability, Enginerasoft seeks to contribute to the maritime industry’s growth and success. The company envisions a future where cutting-edge software solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and innovation within the maritime sector.

Enginerasoft’s participation in the Mare Forum Istanbul was an enriching experience, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the maritime industry. As a software development provider, we are eager to collaborate with industry stakeholders and actively contribute to shaping a prosperous and sustainable maritime future, both in Turkey and on a global scale.

Enginerasoft extends its sincere appreciation to the organizers of the Maritime Forum, notably the Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR), for orchestrating this influential event. Their efforts in creating a conducive environment for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and ideate were truly worthy of praise.