White-Label Mobile App Customization Services

Thanks to the efforts and competencies of Enginerasoft, the mobile application has turned out to be very flexible; it is possible to customize the application and expand its functionality for various business needs. End-clients can also use the application under their own branding, as this is a pure white-label solution. Our team continued collaboration with

Management System Development 

Our engineers started on the development of the admin section (management system). They made a more responsive design and added greater functionality: User authorization, role-based access, multitenancy Object management: add or remove gas stations Interaction with gas stations: ability to specify working hours of gas stations; display number of dispensers at stations; configuration of payment

Development of mobile commerce and digital marketing app

Our engineers started with the development of the admin section (management system). They created a more responsive design and added new functionality. We also developed a cool user-friendly interface for iOS and Android versions of the mobile application. The UX design was significantly revised. Many ideas for its optimization and improvement came from our side.

SpotVision Mobile App Development

SpotVision captures pictures from video surveillance cameras and feeds them to a machine learning service. This service recognizes vehicles in pictures and receives coordinates of their boundaries.

User Web Portal Development

The Enginerasoft team was involved in the web portal creation. We covered all software development activities connected to the front-end and the back-end elements of the portal. For users who do not have an account on the mobile application, the portal is presented as a landing page with marketing information about the mobile application, promotional

E-learning Platform Development

Our team developed an e-learning platform that allows students to take video courses on various topics. It provides both paid and free content. The platform, called Courses, allows users to tag the lecturers who deliver the best quality content.