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Stripe Integration


Financial services


Stripe, Тode.js, Electron


An entrepreneur who owns and manages several business directions.


Like many companies, our client uses Stripe, where he manages dozens of accounts. In order to see summary statistics, gross revenue, and net revenue for these accounts, the client had to log into each account and manually record all values. It goes without saying that this was quite inconvenient, especially when the number of accounts increased. So in order to save time, he decided he needed a simple application where the client could immediately get all the necessary information.


The first thing that may come to mind for solving this problem is Stripe Financial Reports, a subservice in Stripe, where it is possible to get all the summary financial information according to the given settings, and the ability to export to a CSV file. This solution is well suited for no-code implementation and uploading reports. A non-programmer can upload the data, open it in Excel, and process.

However, this approach has its drawbacks. One of which is related to the length of time it takes to generate a report, which can take a few minutes or even up to an hour. Stripe then notifies the user that the report they want is ready to be downloaded. Another disadvantage of this solution is that the reports are limited to 23:59 the day before (UTC + 0). For example, if a user is in the CST time zone and a transaction takes place at 19:00 CST, then this data will be noted only on the next day when generating a report. The client needed to see up-to-date data in real time.


Stripe Financial Reports


Our primary task could be solved also using the Baremetrics service, but it costs a good deal of money. So, we abandoned this idea.

Considering all of the above, it was decided to use data on transactions. Any balance activity in Stripe is considered a transaction. In these transactions, a user can see gross revenue, net revenue, and commissions. In fact, our global task involved uploading transactions, filtering and calculating gross / net revenue, then displaying this data in pivot tables in the application specially created for these purposes.


App interface



The client was completely satisfied with our solution. He can now see all the relevant values at once—and there is no need to constantly enter Stripe account data or do everything manually. So the customer can process data as he needs. Additionally, the application data can be saved in the CSV format.