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Planning own IT start-up

At the initial stage of planning a start-up, an entrepreneur may face a number of issues: difficulties in finding an investor, an insufficient budget, good technical specialists are always busy, and the list could go on.

As is often the case, startups do not enter the market due to the lack of demand for that particular product or service. Often it depends on the specific project and market situation. Not many people actually study the market situation and consumer demand. Often, the project deals with solving a problem that has a special interest only to the startup creator. A comprehensive study of competitors, as well as the target audience, is of great importance for the planning of investments, product development, and further marketing activities. Properly conducted preliminary market research and planning are the main factors for the success of a startup in the IT field.

Of course, without funding, it is impossible to test a business idea, develop a prototype, or bring the product to the target market. And here the correct distribution of funds comes to the foreground. It is essential to give attention to the planning of product pricing, prototype costs, and your marketing budget, then carry out a SWOT analysis, which will assess the size of the market and its potential growth, as well as all significant players in it.

It is almost impossible to achieve the goal and imagine a successful startup without a team of professionals who, ideally, combine soft and hard skills. All start-ups begin with a small team of people you can trust. Team responsibilities must be clearly assigned. The key figures here are a technical director who is responsible for technology selection and management of developers, a sales specialist who generates financial flows, and a communications specialist who collects and analyzes user feedback. 

As you can see, many factors should be taken into account when planning an IT startup, and the experience of technical specialists who will be engaged in its implementation is especially valuable. Enginerasoft has a complete technical and resource base to successfully bring the product to the market and further evolve it, taking into account all the needs of users. We are always delighted to share our experience and help in software development. Please share your requests here.