Native Mobile Development

Enginerasoft has been making custom mobile applications for large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and start-ups since 2015.

We provide mobile development as a turnkey solution and offer a full development cycle, which includes:

  • The idea, business analysis, UI / UX design, technical specifications  
  • The development stage of an application / a server, integrations
  • Testing and publishing in the App Store / Google Play

What mobile applications can we develop?

We can implement any native mobile application for iOS or Android platforms. Below is a list of commonly encountered development requests:

  • Applications for any business purposes (e.g., internet banking, mobile commerce, CRM / ERP systems)
  • Productivity mobile apps (e.g., pay / wallet, documents)
  • Applications for remote learning or Learning Management Software (LMS)
  • News / information mobile applications
  • Applications for taxi services, food delivery, or any other services
  • Utility applications (e.g., scanners, trackers, bar-code readers)

What is included in our native mobile development services?

Preliminary works (free of charge)

  • Project discussion, technical and business requirement analysis
  • Discussion of various options for solving any technical obstacle
  • Preparation of a transparent estimate with cost and timing

Prototyping and design

  • Interactive prototypes and application interface development
  • Preparation of the design concept and style of the application, UI / UX design
  • Description of the application logic

Development stage

  • iOS / Android app development
  • Server part (DB and API) development
  • Web application control (admin) panel development
  • Integration with any third party system
  • Internal testing

Publication and support

  • Publishing to the App Store / Google Play
  • Source code transfer
  • After-delivery maintenance

Advantages of the native mobile app development approach: 

1. Application speed

Since the application is created using original development tools (Xcode, Android Studio), the code resulting from the compilation of the project is optimal for your platform. During the development process, software developers can measure the speed of all code sections and, if necessary, optimize them. They also have tools at their disposal to monitor operating storage usage, look for possible leaks, and more.

2. Flexibility in implementation

In contrast to the limitations of building interfaces imposed by cross-platform frameworks, utilizing the native approach, we can implement everything that the technologies of a particular mobile operating system are capable of.

3. Full support from the App Store and Google Play app stores

Both companies are invested in ensuring that users get the best possible experience when using applications from their respective platforms.

This means that an application must appear as high quality as possible. If the screen has a high resolution and the images are blurry, the application simply will not be allowed in the App Store.

FAQs Section

How much does mobile app development cost?

Development costs mainly depend on the number of functions and screens of the mobile application that need to be implemented and the number and complexity level of various integrations with third-party software. More, means an increased amount of man-hours required for implementation. 

Therefore, you can always contact us to discuss your project. We will help you analyze the structure and technical / business requirements of your application. After, you will be provided with a fair cost estimate.

Do you provide MVP services for mobile app development?

Yes, MVP development is our core business direction. Very often we start collaboration with MVP in order to test the customer project concept. We study the business environment, determine technical requirements, and build a roadmap. Thanks to our vast experience in this area we manage to deliver a large number of projects, which are currently quite competitive and successful on the market.

Do you have any specific methodologies to deliver a mobile product?

In software development we firmly hold to the Agile approach. As a result, we can quickly introduce new customer requirements, rapidly respond to the actions of competitors, and work in conditions of uncertainty. 

In addition we can guarantee full team involvement. The lack of micromanagement and close work with team leaders helps our engineers work more efficiently and see their impact on the project.

There is also a reduced risk of failure. Testing and analysis of the results and communication with customers are at the end of each cycle, so we can quickly understand that something may need fixing.

What specialists are involved in mobile app creation?

The composition of the team may vary depending on the characteristics of individual projects. Usually they consist of a project manager, UI / UX designer, 2-3 mobile developers,1-2 back-end developers for a server side, and 1 QA specialist.

Some of our success stories in native mobile development include: