Development of B2B portal

B2B portal is an internet platform equipped with complex business functions. With the help of such a platform suppliers and customers can interact. For example, a manufacturer and a wholesale buyer or a wholesaler and a retail buyer can communicate directly with each other. The technical equipment of the B2B portal also allows you to carry out purchases, collections, processing of orders, document management, integration with 1C, and SAP. 

Suppliers can optimize the work of sales and support departments, as well as reduce customer service time while maintaining high quality. In turn, customers using the B2B platform can quickly get the information they need using catalogs with various filters, then place orders.

Planning and development of a B2B portal takes place in several stages:

  1. In the first stage, Enginerasoft specialists collect information about your company and industry. We design an individual solution according to your business processes and goals. 
  2. In the next stage, the developed system is integrated with your accounting systems (e.g. 1C, SAP). If you do not use such systems, Enginerasoft can develop a custom solution for you.
  3. Next, we connect clients to their personal accounts. You determine which customers can access the portal and they receive their own credentials.
  4. After the portal development, we provide post-delivery maintenance.

Technologies and frameworks we use for B2B portals development

Web: .Net, C #, Angular, Javascript, TypeScript, Webpack, Node.js, Express.js, MSSQL, MongoDB, Azure, HTML/HTML5, CSS/SCSS.

Mobile: SWIFT, Objective C, Java.

The creation of a B2B platform is of great importance for businesses, as it is essentially an ecosystem for storing the entire history of interaction with partners. Plus, documents and transactions can be stored there as well. A B2B platform will allow you to process an order faster, which means increasing the efficiency of the sales department. Among other benefits, your partners will gain opportunities for self-service which will significantly increase their loyalty.