Software for Logistics

Why is it important to back up data in logistics?

Logistics is the area associated with the management of the flow of materials and information resources necessary for the production and distribution of goods. In this context, data backup plays an important role, since if data is lost, serious problems related to production stoppages, delivery delays, and other negative consequences are possible.

Custom CRM System Development for Logistics

One of our key business offers is connected to the development of custom CRM systems for the logistics sector. We develop CRM systems designed specifically for logistics companies to automate their business processes and manage their customer relationships more effectively.

Global WMS Leaders and Their Сomparative Analysis

Warehouse Management System (WMS) represents itself as a software solution designed to support and optimize the operations and processes involved in running a warehouse. This includes activities such as inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and receiving, and storage management.

Top 5 Mobile Applications for Logistics Companies

Applications for logistics can have both standard and individual sets of tasks. In general, they solve immediate problems by optimizing company work processes. Ideally, offering clients a branded application that provides convenient service, tracks cargo, and manages the movement of vehicles is the goal.