At Enginerasoft, we strongly believe that Agile development based on Scrum provides a flexible development process with more effective solutions that fit your business needs. Scrum methodology allows us to create software products (web or mobile) in cycles, giving an opportunity to detect mistakes at early stages while delivering product versions on a regular basis.

Our Agile approach involves:

  • Daily meetings with customers and their technical teams. 
  • At the end of each sprint, we conduct grooming—planning for the next sprint.
  • A retrospective is also carried out—analysis of the performed work, discussion of errors, identifying weak points.
  • Monthly coaching sessions on Scrum Progress—a presentation by the Scrum Master on how to optimize workflow and development efficiency.
  • Communication with team members and distribution of tasks are carried out using the Jira bug tracking system.

We deliver software according to a comprehensive strategy:

  1.  Our software development process has several stages:
  • Project description
  • Requirements clarification
  • Project estimation
  • Design and development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support
  1. Post-delivery maintenance: We maintain software developed by our company and software developed by third-party companies. Our services include:
  • Improvement of the existing product plus new features development
  • Bug fixing and correcting defects in the code
  • Performance enhancements
  • Transfer to a new platform
  • Technology transfer to latest versions

Our models of cooperation:

  1. Fixed Price (FP). This model is suitable, when you have a technical specification the scope of work is determined before a development stage.
  2. Time and Material (T&M). According to this model of cooperation, you pay for developer work time upon completion of the project tasks. 
  3. Offshore dedicated center (ODC). This is an ideal solution for startup companies, as you will not incur additional costs connected with hiring additional resources. 

Non-disclosure agreement

For your security, we offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Please check here for our standard form.