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Top 5 Mobile Applications for Logistics Companies

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Mobile applications for logistics can have both standard and individual sets of tasks. In general, they solve immediate problems by optimizing company work processes. Ideally, offering clients a branded application that provides convenient service, tracks cargo, and manages the movement of vehicles is the goal. The application should also be relevant for company employees as well—with the help of a convenient mobile application, they should be able to receive tasks, communicate with superiors, plan their workday, etc. The employer, in turn, can track the movement and position of the vehicle fleet, automate business processes, and save costs.

The development of mobile applications for logistics falls on the shoulders of developers who must understand all the basic principles of the customer’s business and its requirements for functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular mobile applications for logistics businesses below.

Tookan Agent

This mobile solution allows managing and tracking field workers who provide on-demand delivery and home service.

The application simplifies the work of fleet employees. Employees do not need to continually contact managers to get delivery information or report their status. The application takes care of it automatically.

With Tookan Agent, drivers get the following features:

  • Convenient overview of all assigned tasks
  • Information about customers and the ability to call / send them messages with one touch
  • Directions with an optimized path to a destination
  • The application allows for receiving client signatures and notes; plus, fleet members can take up to 3 images as proof of delivery
  • Automation updates that allow clients to easily track a task from start to finish.

Onfleet Driver

The Onfleet Driver application provides drivers with the ability to see deliveries in one place and visualize a route. Furthermore, they can easily capture proof of delivery and seamlessly contact customers. These features make deliveries quick and efficient. And it is worth noting that Onfleet Driver is used with the Onfleet last-mile delivery platform.

With this mobile solution, drivers get:

  • Easy onboarding processes from intuitive understandable native iOS and Android applications
  • Real-time customer information, order details, and navigation—to avoid traffic, the usage of Google Maps, Here We Go, Waze, and Apple Maps
  • Integrated customer communication—customers can call and message their drivers
  • The ability to provide customers with real-time updates and real-time driver tracking
  • Efficient driving with detailed information on tasks 
  • The possibility to provide proof of delivery such as photos, signatures, barcodes, and notes, as well as verifying IDs
  • Feedback collection from customers
  • The ability to analyze and track productivity and accountability with detailed task history and key performance metrics such as feedback scores, service times, distance traveled, and so on.

TransVirtual Proof of Delivery

TransVirtual is a scalable and fully-fledged logistics software that enables transport companies to perform end-to-end logistics management. This is accomplished through a mobile app for Android devices that can be used as an integrated freight management system.

Core functionality:

  • Route optimization helps significantly save time and money on fuel and delivery costs
  • Barcode scanning always ensures picking the right product from a warehouse with 100% accuracy
  • Provision of full information regarding a customer and an order
  • Electronic proof of delivery via Sign-on-Glass (SoG) technology
  • Real-time updates on delivery progress throughout the whole delivery cycle
  • Management of driver workloads, vehicle loading, and schedule consignments.

Hellotracks – All-in-One Locator

Hellotracks provides efficient management of field staff operations using real-time identification of position, dispatching, route optimization, and job schedule features. It can be used in the Transportation & Mobility, Repair & Maintenance, Logistics & Distribution industries.

With the Hellotracks mobile app, field staff can:

  • Build a day route in 20 seconds with the route optimization feature
  • Keep track of routes all-day
  • Share work progress and real-time location with a team
  • Auto check-in and check-out with geofences
  • Have higher productivity with automated job dispatch.

Parcel Tracker – Mailroom

This mobile solution presents itself as an internal parcel tracking software. The service is intended to be used for residential and student housing, co-working offices, universities, and more.

Core functionality:

  • Quick scanning of packages received at the reception / mailroom with the help of a smartphone camera
  • Logging of incoming and outgoing parcels
  • Possibility to add photos, tags, or notes to parcel deliveries
  • Automatic notifications and reminders for inbound parcels
  • Collection of e-signatures for proof of pickup.

Services for logistics companies provided by Enginerasoft.

Enginerasoft provides a wide range of software development services for companies specializing in logistics, whether it is a company engaged in the transportation of goods, courier delivery, housing services, or having its own fleet, warehouse. We are always ready to offer a solution that ideally suits your business while taking into account the nuances and peculiarities of the domain area.

Our software development offer includes:

  • Customization services of existing software. When the basic functionality of your app satisfies 90% of your business needs but there is 10% that requires a custom approach. Here we can help with the development of a technical solution that allows you to adjust the system in accordance with all business processes. This can involve an improvement of the existing functionality and the development of additional features / modules as well as integration with third-party or internal services.
  • Software development from scratch. Enginerasoft is a skilled developer of web-based services and native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. We deliver fast and reliable solutions for start-ups, mid-sized, or large companies which deal in a wide variety of domains including the logistics area. We develop complex enterprise-level applications aimed at optimizing the work of the entire staff of a company. Our solutions automate document management, help monitor integrated parameters of vehicle fleet condition, manage drivers, and simplify the interaction between the carrier and the warehouse.

Furthermore, we provide the opportunity for small companies to interact with their customers like market leaders do through branded solutions, whether it is a mobile application or a web resource.

Our mobile applications for logistics and web solutions can digitize any business process, which helps significantly reduce operating costs, as well as the cost of processing select requests for cargo transportation.

If you would like to know more about our business offer for logistics companies, we offer a free professional consultation designed to discuss your specific concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us—one of our technical specialists will contact you as soon as possible.