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The use of chatbots in e-commerce

Chatbots can be used in various interactions with users. Today, the integration of chatbots into e-commerce products allows companies to stay competitive and increase sales volume.

An elaborate chatbot can quickly and efficiently respond to client requests, thereby reducing business costs while automating lead generation, customer support, and personalizing online interactions. Chatbots based on artificial intelligence learn from previous experience and use it to become smarter and more sophisticated.

Most often, the creation of a chatbot begins with a limited set of functions (product selection, sales, promotion, and support), but with the possibility of further development. Chatbots that have integration with a company’s internal systems (CRM) and external servers (analytics) bring observable benefits to businesses.

Creating a chatbot requires a much lower budget than creating a mobile app. Plus, a chatbot can be ready for work within a short time after the conclusion of a contract with a client. 

Before developing a chatbot, you need to decide on the functionality, what tasks you set, and discuss these with the staff of the appropriate departments. When choosing a developer, ensure that they provide the most flexible tools for analyzing results and managing a ready-made chatbot within the company.

The benefits of using chatbots:

  1. New channel for order attraction. Within a few seconds you can open a contact in a messenger and place an application for a product or service.
  2. Workload reduction for company personnel. A chatbot can answer standard questions, take orders, and can even improve company image.
  3. Additional base of customers. The chatbot owner can inform customers about current special offers via messages.

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