Angular Development for a Market place


Information technologies


Angular, TypeScript, CSS, HTML


A software development company from the United Arab Emirates


The customer came to us with an idea to improve the front-end of a marketplace for software and service providers.


In this project, our development team was responsible for the front-end. Angular was selected as the main technology.

We improved the existing interface and introduced new features to the website functionality. Our solution covered all the technical requirements and provided the following opportunities:

  • User authorization: After registering, users can like posts, leave comments, share announcements, attend events, or request services
  • Access to the news feed and the blog section 
  • Access to the marketplace, where users can find appropriate IT providers for cost-effective solutions
  • Apply for a special partner program, so information about company services can be placed on the marketplace.


The customer received a multifunctional, user-friendly marketplace that satisfied all his business needs. 

During our collaboration of more than one year, we significantly improved the marketplace interface and introduced a rich set of new functionality.

User Web Portal Development


Digital Marketing


Front-end: Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Webpack.

Back-end: .NET, C#, MSSQL.


The customer is a company that provides solutions for digital marketing.


Previously for the customer, we developed a mobile application that enables payment for goods. 

Next, there was a need to create a web portal specifically for the users of the mobile app.


The Enginerasoft team was involved in the web portal creation. We covered all software development activities connected to the front-end and the back-end elements of the portal. 

For users who do not have an account on the mobile application, the portal is presented as a landing page with marketing information about the mobile application, promotional information, download links on Google Play and the App Store, as well as a link to a feedback form.

Users who have mobile app accounts can log in to the system and see their personal information, particularly:

  • All transactions
  • Contact support form, and
  • Personal bonuses and discounts.

This user portal can be branded for any business owner with a separate domain name.


Our team delivered a stable web portal that absolutely satisfies the customer’s needs. All software development activities were completed according to the project deadlines. 

Currently, we continue our collaboration with the customer and have built our team from 2 to 50 specialists within 5 years.