SpotVision Dashboard Development


Parking Communities, Parking Aggregators, VSaaS Businesses, Taxi Companies, Delivery Services, Businesses 


Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, MongoDB.  


A software development company.


The customer came to us with an idea to develop an AI-based mobile application that helps find free parking spaces. It was also necessary to create a dashboard for parking operators who could add video cameras to the entire system.


Our web team was involved in the dashboard creation and managed to complete the project in 12  months. 

This management tool has rich functionality and displays the location of video surveillance cameras. The system is connected to the AI-based mobile application, SpotVision, which helps find free parking spots. 

The dashboard has user authorization and role-based access as follows:

  • Admin (people who can manage the system with no restrictions)
  • Partner (people who can add cameras to the system and have limited access rights)
  • User (the users of the mobile application, SpotVision, with limited access rights).

A large portion of the dashboard functionality allows users to carry out the following activities:

  • Video camera management: addition, set up (parameter adjustment of the neural network for better object recognition; each camera has different parameters), removal from the system
  • Parking management: addition and removal from the system using convenient wizards
  • Quality check compliance—tracking the correctness of the neural network: find false and unnecessary object recognition 
  • Maps display geographical coordinates of video surveillance cameras. For this functionality, our team carried out an impressive job related to clustering geodata (the convenient location of cameras on the map) 
  • Real-time updates of new information in tables
  • Roles provision and recall.

The system has integrations with software by the world’s leading providers of security products and video surveillance solutions. A few of which are shown in the image below.


With the help of our team, the customer managed to deliver a multifunctional management platform that has integration with their mobile app.

We continue to collaborate with the customer and improve the system functionality.

SpotVision Mobile App Development


Parking communities, Parking aggregators, VSaaS business, Taxi, Delivery, Business. 


Android, iOS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ComputerVision, Angular.


Software development company.


The customer approached us with an idea to develop an AI-based mobile application that helps users find free parking spots.


Our team was involved in the development of the SpotVision native mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. 

SpotVision captures pictures from video surveillance cameras and feeds them to a machine learning service. This service recognizes vehicles in pictures and receives coordinates of their boundaries. The received coordinates are converted to GPS coordinates.

The GPS coordinates of the cars are reviewed against the coordinates of the marked parking spots. If the coordinates of the vehicles do not extend beyond the parking space, it means that this place is occupied and marked in red. Available parking spaces are marked in green. 

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A user can select a free parking spot on the map in real-time, as data is automatically updated once every 30 seconds. Additionally, the application provides different types of maps; plus, for more convenience a user can select a map, a satellite, or relief.


1. SpotVision has unique functionality for the current application market. 

2. It is free to download on Google Play and Apple Store.

3. We continue to collaborate with the customer to improve the application.