San Antonio, Texas

Native mobile app development in San Antonio, Texas

Our company provides native mobile development for such platforms as iOS and Android. Thanks to our accumulated experience in various domain areas (Banking & Fintech, E-commerce, VSaaS, Logistics, Delivery, and more), we are able to offer our customers high-tech solutions that successfully compete in the market.

Native development means creating specific applications for each platform. This approach has a number of advantages:

  • Stable and fast operation of the application
  • Higher application speeds
  • Ease and quality of testing
  • Maximum application lifetime
  • Greater application flexibility and scalability due to the use of “native” tools
  • Less restrictions in architecture and functions
  • Exact matching of interface with platform
  • Enhanced security and reliability with native development as opposed to cross-platform development
  • Full support from the App Store and Google Play app stores.

Enginerasoft provides premium quality native mobile software with a wide selection of features. Our services include such iOS and Android applications as:

  • On-demand apps (food delivery, taxi service, healthcare and beauty services)
  • Business apps (mobile commerce, internet banking)
  • Utility apps (trackers, scanners, bar-code readers)
  • Lifestyle apps (entertainment apps, program guide for digital TV)
  • Productivity mobile apps (wallet/pay, docs)

●     Information / news mobile apps.

We use an agile development model in our work. This methodology is suitable for large and long-term projects that are constantly adapting to market conditions.

How does our development process look for native mobile applications?

1. Analysis and Preparation of Technical Documentation

At this stage, we carry out a comprehensive study of the technical and business requirements of the client. And upon completion, we prepare documentation according to the future development activities that will be carried out.

2. Mobile Screen Prototypes

All of our apps stand out with their carefully crafted interface that provides everything a user needs.

3. UI/UX

Our designers elaborate and implement UI and UX elements of any complexity. Our applications are not only visually appealing but also help resolve business problems.

4. Development

Software development at Enginerasoft is carried out according to an agile methodology. We use the best industry practices of this approach.

5. Quality Assurance

We offer a full cycle of QA services for software of any complexity level.

6. Deployment and Post-Delivery Maintenance

After publishing a mobile application in the App Store or Google Store, we provide our customers with post-delivery maintenance services, which are connected to further product improvement.

Some of our success stories in native mobile development include: