Management System Development 




Angular, Angular Material, Sass, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, TypeScript, Webpack, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL, Cosmos DB


The customer is a company that provides secure cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions.


The customer came to us with a working prototype of their mobile product and a management system with limited and primitive functionality. 


Our engineers started on the development of the admin section (management system). They made a more responsive design and added greater functionality:

  • User authorization, role-based access, multitenancy
  • Object management: add or remove gas stations
  • Interaction with gas stations: ability to specify working hours of gas stations; display number of dispensers at stations; configuration of payment systems available for these gas stations
  • Geolocation of gas stations implemented via Google Maps
  • Creation of users (administrators) with various access rights; user creation of mobile applications
  • Transfer of various telemetry data. The ability to monitor the arrival of a signal from gas stations, then quickly react if the signal disappears. The data transfer takes place in real-time.

Based on telemetry data, it is also possible to set up and receive notifications if specific parameters deviate from the norm or if the payment system malfunctions.

If any type of deviation occurs, a Jira ticket is created, and an appropriate support specialist is assigned. Any further communication regarding the issue is logged to this Jira ticket. 

Thanks to the flexible settings of the system, various roles can be created depending on the working functions of specialists and provide users the appropriate access rights:

  • Marketing administrators can manage marketing campaigns and implement new loyalty campaigns through the dedicated “Marketing” admin tab. Plus, end users can see the relevant information on their mobile devices.
  • Gas station employees endowed with certain privileges in the system can enter data during working hours.
  • And others.

The customer was extremely pleased with Enginerasoft and gave us the opportunity to build up a team so we could further improve the management dashboard and develop mobile components (native iOS and Android applications) of the system.
From 2 people, the project team has grown to 30 technical specialists in 5 years. 
The admin panel received an intuitive user-friendly interface and a wide range of functionality. The system is flexible in terms of creating users with different access rights (like a constructor) and provides the possibility to work with the telemetry data.