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The Development of Software Solutions for the Logistics Industry

We help our clients around the world develop custom software and customize already existing systems. Our sophisticated software solutions for the logistics optimize complex business processes: automating the work of specialists in the office and in the field, reducing the cost of processing each individual delivery request, controlling the delivery of the cargo / order to the destination, ensuring transparency of the entire logistics process, etc. Our software has a powerful technical base, and at the same time user-friendly.


Web and Mobile Software Solutions for the Logistics

Our specialists develop web services and native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Using the best software development practices and our huge experience, we deliver market solutions that cover absolutely all logistic / transport business needs. For example, our applications may include the following functionalities:

For drivers:

  • Convenient overview of all assigned tasks
  • All necessary information about customers and orders
  • Ability to call / send messages to customers with one click
  • Convenient navigation and route optimization to avoid traffic and build the most optimized path to a destination
  • Possibility to receive client signatures, notes, and photos as proof of delivery
  • Constant contact with a dispatcher
  • Share work progress and real-time location with a team.

For customers:

  • Automation updates that allow customers to easily track a delivery process from start to finish
  • Constant contact with a driver via chat or call
  • Possibility to leave feedback on order delivery
  • Possibility to e-sign the order and attach notes or photos as proof of delivery
  • Multiple payment gateways.

For managers:

  • The ability to keep track of all deliveries and check real-time location of your team on a map with work progress updates
  • The ability to analyze and track productivity and accountability with a specialized dashboard which contains detailed task history and key performance metrics (i.e., feedback scores, service times, distance traveled, and so on).
  • Feedback collection from customers.


Custom CRM-system Development for Logistics

For effective freight traffic management we offer our clients solutions such as custom CRM-systems. They are essential for logistics businesses to improve their efficiency and customer experience. With a tailored CRM-system, logistics companies can automate various processes, such as order management, documentation generation, and cargo tracking, which in turn saves time and resources.

In addition, a custom CRM-system can provide a centralized database of customer information, which is critical in managing customer relationships and delivering personalized services. It can also help with inventory management, financial reporting, and data analysis, providing insights into business performance and enabling informed decision-making.

Furthermore, a CRM-system can be integrated with other internal and external systems, such as financial and inventory management systems or third-party logistics providers, to streamline processes and improve collaboration across departments and partners.


Integration Services for 3PL Software

Our comprehensive integration services for 3PL software can help streamline your logistics and boost your bottom line.

With our integration services, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your 3PL software with other systems and tools used in your operations. This means you can automate workflows, reduce manual data entry, and eliminate errors and delays that can slow down your logistics processes.

Our team of experts has years of experience working with various 3PL software solutions and can help you find the right integration strategy for your unique needs. We’ll work closely with you to assess your current systems, identify pain points, and develop a customized integration plan that fits your budget and timeline.

Whether you need to integrate your 3PL software with your ERP, WMS, TMS, or other systems, we’ve got you covered. Our integration services support a wide range of software solutions and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?

Free Project Estimation

Our specialists deeply analyze the business and technical requirements of our customers in order to provide top-notch consultations. Our project estimates are free of charge and include all milestones and commercial estimation.

Usage of Advanced Development Methods

In our work, we strongly adhere to a flexible methodology of software development—in particular, Scrum. This approach provides full transparency throughout the whole development process and helps us deliver high quality products.

Rich Experience

With a team of 7+ IT-experienced developers, we’ve delivered large numbers of  Logistics software.


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