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Logistics Software We Deliver

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We offer business automation services for companies in the logistics sphere. Whether it’s a company engaged in cargo transportation, delivery services, housing services, or has its own fleet or warehouse, we can help. Our goal is to find the most suitable Logistics software for our customers to improve work processes, speed up order processing, reduce errors in the workplace, and increase company profits.

Most likely you are reading this article because you work in logistics and have decided to scale your business. However, the current tech solutions on the market are either quite expensive or do not fully suit your business model. This is where we can help. We have extensive experience in creating web and mobile systems in logistics which helps companies scale and operate all business activities in a sustainable way.

What we provide is quite diverse. Let’s take a closer look below at some types of software that we deliver for logistics businesses.

Specialized CRM system

Specialized CRM system for effective freight traffic management. Such a system can be used to facilitate work and increase the efficiency of each employee since it has extensive functionality: automatic generation of documents according to individual templates; a personal account where customers can download documents, track cargo, and leave requests; integration with company financial / inventory systems or any other third party services, and much more. The CRM system also helps simplify working with documents as much as possible. 

Warehouse software

Warehouse software helps organize the interaction between cargo carriers and in the most convenient and cost-effective ways for businesses. Such systems significantly simplify the process of searching and accounting for goods, сargo, and automated loading and unloading.

Route optimization applications

Route optimization applications allow drivers to build the shortest route with the optimal delivery time calculated based on real-time traffic data. Thanks to these programs, a transportation company can reduce transport costs and profit from the speed of delivery. Apart from that, the application allows communication with other team members and has a convenient overview of the entire supply chain.

Applications for dispatchers

Applications for dispatchers allow control of driver movements and the entire delivery process in real-time. Using the app, drivers can report order completion and get information about any changes in delivery. In general, such applications provide more effective communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Driver control applications

With the help of such systems, it is possible to create optimized routes, monitor trips on GPS via a mobile application, track productivity, and control costs. This is an excellent solution for breaking even and safe company operations.

As you can see, we provide a wide range of functional possibilities to companies working in the field of logistics. Our logistics software is convenient, intuitive, and simple. And most importantly, the systems we deliver, whether web or native mobile apps offer safety and data security.

Minimum viable product for logistics software development

Moreover, we provide product development in minimal time—a minimum viable product (MVP). For this, we use flexible software development practices. In particular, we adhere to Agile methodology. With this approach, risks are significantly reduced, since it is possible to immediately test how the solution works in real life, identify errors, and make adjustments in a timely manner.

Would you like to know more about our logistics software development? Please do not hesitate to contact us and connect with one of our technical specialists.